Why Do I Do This To Myself?

  1. I steeled myself. Promised myself I wouldn't walk out with the nimbus pm. Swore it on my bank balance. I've bought way too many bags from LV this year. I'm running out of closet space. I could go on for days making up reasons.

    It's in a bag under my desk.

    Sigh. Forget mind over matter, I need resolve over hot bags.

    Only 11 days til Mirage...
  2. ^^^^^^^^

    I TOTALLY feel your pain, restricter.....
    It's a good pain, isn't it ?
  3. Congrats! We have all been there at some point. Can't wait to see pics.
  4. I know exactly what you are going through, I keep saying you need other things... but LV always wins some how lol. I can't say no to something I want when I worked hard for it. :smile: oh well I dont regret my purchases at all.
  5. We've all been there! I just started carrying my black cabby MM and now the mirage speedy will be coming out!! Too many good bags this year to pass up!
  6. Don't be so hard on yourself, enjoy your bag :smile:
  7. well you bought it, might as well enjoy it !! lol and post pics!!! Its a great bag hard to resist.
  8. IBTW, I got the perle. I have no idea what I'm wearing it with but I'll figure it out.
  9. You will look fantastic with it.
  10. where's the fun in that!

    Congrats on you new bag
  11. I understand how it feels. I promised my BF I'd go on a bag ban because I bought 3 days and a wallet back in June (hey it was my birthday month). Then ofcourse the Black Neo Cabby comes along and I was off my ban just like that! after only 2 months!! :graucho:

    Now I really ReaLLy REALLY am on a bag ban .... after my Cabby arrives

    Enjoy your Nimbus!
  12. LOL, restricter. I've done the same thing so you are not alone in your addiction. Don't worry too much about it and just enjoy your bag --- you obviously LOVE it enough to have overcome the steely resolve you had. I've seen the perle color IRL and it is beautiful. Go ahead, take it out of its hiding place under your desk and wear it with pride. Show pics!!!!!:yes:
  13. gosh i sure know what u mean!
  14. It's not hiding. Well, not much. I picked it up at lunch time today. True, I did sneak it in so my co-workers would do the inevitable - "More Vuitton? Didn't you just buy a whole bunch of bags at the Prada sale? And at Mulberry? When are you going to wear all of those?" Come to think of it, maybe it is hiding after all.
  15. sigh...but don't you just LVoe your new LV?