Why didn't they just call it a sale...

  1. ...like a normal store?

    After reading all the posts about timing of items going to the outlets and the extension of PCE and how you don't really need an invite to get the discount.

    I'm wondering if Coach has a "paradigm" shift going on and are changing the way they operate. Will we start to see seasonal sales at the boutiques?

    What about the survey on Coach.com ...it sounded like they are thinking about introducing some new perks for customers. (discounts after a certain amount of sales, free shipping)

    OR did that big fire that they had at their headquarters have an effect?

    Hmmmmm. This will be interesting to watch....and possibly confusing to shop! :wtf:
  2. I was thinking the same exact thing earlier, just have a seasonal 25% sale because almost everyone is able to get the "Preferred Customer Event."
  3. There are still a lot of people that have no clue about the PCE, and don't know to ask, and still plenty of stores and SA's that don't just offer it.. but I agree... because if you know about it, you will most likely shop there.. guess they just like their loyal customers to feel more special, which kind of makes sense I guess....
  4. Not to sound rude or elistist or anything, but "sale" almost implies a cheapening of the brand. I don't think Coach minds giving the discount to the people it offers it to because they would shop there regardless.

    I think they are concerned with keeping any exclusivity they might have, and giving the sale to everyone would interfere with that.
  5. Fire at the Coach HQ? What happened? I'll go searching old threads...
  6. TOTALLY agree! Just put the stuff on sale at 25% off for everyone, including the web site and stop the flow of newer bags to the outlets (or worse, TJ Maxx)! I mean I love a great outlet deal as well as the next gal, but c'mon, fair is fair. Give every Coach lover the same chance to buy the same bags at a great sale price.

    Most of the major designers have lost a huge amount of customer loyalty due to the glut of designer bags on the market today. Just check out your local high school....what was once out of range or considered too pricey for a lot of consumers are ending up on the arms of 12 year old girls. *NO offense to any 12 year old girls on the forum carrying Coach!* Sorta makes the 30 something year old buyer hesitate a bit about paying the big bucks for a bag that was once considered a "status" thing.
  7. True but it's a bit late for them to worry about that. The department stores that carry Coach have sales from time to time and in addition to selling their surplus in their own outlets they sell to TJMax and Marshalls. At the end of the day Coach is actually a pretty common accessory brand.

    Now back in the "old days" When they only had one factory store (before the internet - when the bags were handmade in the US) Coach was more exclusive. I don't think that's their goal these days.
  8. Even the major dept. stores have "private viewing sales" I would prefer to walk into the "boutique" via pce than a broadcast announcement. Can you imagine the crowd and the Customer Service? Perhaps PCE is the final exclusivity.
  9. Coach has to know the volume of sales it does through boutiques, if they really want to control their exclusivity (do you like that word) they just need to reduce the amount of product they produce. hmmmm but that's still $$$$$!
  10. Its the internet

    You post about the pce and people ask. People ask and get informed because unlike other forums that hold secrets dearly this forum is nice and informs!

    Therefore people ask about the pce and the general rule is if they ask, you should invite stressing that its an event for top customers.

    Before pce used to be a lot more exclusive. Thanks to internet and the inevitable word of mouth...not so anymore.

    Feel would outright say this but I am going to. Its not an event meant to be handed out like a 'sale'. Because you know and coach prides itself on cs, we will invite you if you know so you won't feel 'left out'. Does this mean during pce events that all money is from the discount? No. I've had a balance of sales. Fifty fifty. I would never invite someone who hasn't dropped major dough or is someone I see shopping consistantly at our store. Why? Because then it wouldn't be fair to the other customers that spend a lot and would continue to do so even if pce isn't around.

    The system is set up so everyone has a fair chance but coach realizes and recognizes those who shop with us at full price (which is why outlet sales don't count, those are already at a deal) and this is a way to, and I can't stress this enough, thank them for being such loyal customers
  11. I agree with ms-whitney. PCE is a Private Client Event. I have shoped several times in my store in the past week and gotten the discount, while I see others who don't shop frequently not getting the discount. Many don't know about it and it is an exclusive event, not a sale.
  12. I seriously felt honored to get an invite--my first. I only started collecting a few months ago but all the items I bought had been at full price. I'm happy that they took notice in that.
  13. I felt the same way too. This was my first PCE as well. It's just a nice little way to make the customers feel special, and it works! :smile: I surely wouldn't feel as special if it were just a sale and anyone and everyone knew about it.
  14. I agree. The exclusivity of it makes customers feel so special. It makes me feel like my money was well spent and for that, I got 50 bucks off the Ergo I ordered. But then at some stores you can just ask for the discount and it's given to you, so I don't know...
  15. I think the idea of rewarding loyal customers is great - and I've benefitted from that more than once.

    It's just at the Coach I shop at they were asking EVERYONE do you have a PCE card - no? - we'll give you one. Maybe they missread a memo or something. Or maybe they were just doing it for folks that were already in the system. (I was waiting for my purchases for a bit and so watched several people get checked out.)

    By extending the...ahem...sale....it's not really limited (or a secret) anymore and it's kinda lost it's cachet. Not to mention losing the sense of excitment that goes with the limited window of opportunity.