why can't i make up my mind?!?!?! help!

  1. I think the Coach is cuter
  2. Coach is def. cuter but I don't like that closure, it's hard to get into the bag, imo.
  3. The Coach is more attractive.
  4. I prefer the coach
  5. ^^ITA- definitely not feeling the Hayden.
  6. I think the Coach bag is a lot more stylish. :supacool:
  7. Another vote for the Coach :yes:
  8. I agree with the others, the Coach is more attractive by far.
  9. another vote to coach too. to me, it looks better. :yes:
  10. I have the HH satchel, and it is a beautiful bag. Very casual, very soft, buttery leather. Lots of space in the three compartments, magnetic closures. The Coach looks a lot more structured, so it really depends on the look you want. On the plus side, if you look around you can get the HH for about $350, cheaper than the Coach.
  11. hobo!
  12. I am so over Coach for many reasons...mostly because you see yourself coming and going...I vote for the Hayden. Much more hip too.
  13. I think the Coach is a much more attractive bag.
  14. coach