Why cant I find any ??? HELP!!!

  1. I am head over heels in :heart: with the color VERT D'eau but I never see any of these any where. I would :heart: to find a first in this color. I look on eBay all the time and this is one color that is so hard to find :crybaby:. I am so sad that I missed out on this color... shame on me :cursing::hysteric:
  2. keep checking... i saw one on eBay not too long ago. they are bound to pop up every now and then :yes:
  3. Thanks, I check about every day... I think this is one color that just about every one wants to keep. By the way, you and your photo are such an tease :lol:
  4. There's one on ebay now.:nuts:
  5. LOL sorry :shame:

    i never knew it was a popular color - or that people were searching for it.

    i cant find the one on ebay. did you grab it?
  6. I'll definitely keep my eye open for you!! :heart:

    moving to shopping for better coverage . . .
  7. Try Aloha Rag. Last time I checked (granted it was a long time ago) they had a ton of Vert D'eau stuff around.
  8. gaaah. wish you wouldn't have missed it! they were on sale at susan's in SF. someone was very lucky and snagged it at about 700!
  9. I'm sure you will find another one. The one on Ebay was mine but it was sold within 24 hours after I listed it.
  10. What style are you looking for?
  11. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, i really wanted one too and then i turned on my laptop at 3am when i couldn't sleep and there on a certain site (which we all know) was a brand new one and i nearly had a heart attack! Its a city and brand new. GOOD LUCK you will find your bag.
  12. HI, I would love the first above all or the Twiggy. Thanks
  13. have you tried calling BalNY? they usually have a couple of older bags in the back. Or maybe even Aloha Rags?
  14. Yes, I would definitely check w/Aloha Rag because they had quite a few Vert D'eaus....

    In other news, I showed my mom my Vert Deau Part Time, and it's the first Bbag of mine that she's actually thought was pretty. ;)