why are you so into chanel.

  1. why do u love chanel??
    i love chanel because its so classic...so chic...co classy!

    i would die for a classic caviar mini in white...ugggh!!!!!
  2. becuase it's classic and diverse.
    I LOVE that you can count on them to debut something fresh and new every season, even if it's not what you are wanting to add to your collection.
    There's something for everybody.
  3. I love Chanel becasue its classic and not loud and in your face.

    I also love Chanel because of its exclusitivity in comparision to other brands such as Louis Vuitton, etc,

    I know is silly but i like having bags that I don't see out a million times a day. :supacool:

    I also like having bags that I can feel better about spending money on because i know they are not "trendy". I know I can wear my flaps for years and years.

    If i take care of them they will hold their value and become "vintage":okay:

    I also love Chanel for their subtle logos. Very chic.:tup:
  4. Because of the classic, elegant and chic styles. I like things that are versatile, but very elegant and pretty. Chanel fits for all of my needs.

    Even though it's become more popular, I like that Chanel isn't a brand that you literally see multiple times a day on every street corner like some of the other brands out there. I like that it is exsclusive without being downright snotty about it.
  5. Because Paris Hilton wears it? :lol: I love the classic designs of the bags because they can be worn for years and not be out of style.
  6. I love Chanel because their leather is to die for!
    I know some people are having problems with quality, but I think their quality is amazing.
    Their bags are beautiful:heart:
  7. For me its because they are timeless... classic and I just feel good when I'm carrying one :yes:
  8. i was originally drawn to its simplicity and femininity :girlsigh:
  9. there're not many fakes out there other than cambon and cabas huhuhu :p
  10. they're classic and goes soo well with a vintage girl lover like me! And like what astar said, their original designs are too hard to replicate, that's why it's too obvious to see if it's fake or not. :biggrin:
  11. pure understated glamour
  12. I also love how classic Chanel is. It's also not as replicated as other brands. I know the Cambon line has horrible fakes, but I've yet to see a replica GST, etc.

    Here in Hawaii, most of the girls that wear authentic designer bags either wear LV, Gucci, Coach, or D&B. I have nothing against those brands, but everyone always has the same styles. I have yet to see anyone wearing the baby cabas here.
  13. love chanel bags because they're so chic...a classic...can MAKE any outfit COMPLETE! and they just give you the best feeling:love: by just simply using it!
  14. ^Same! Even if I'm wearing a really casual outfit, if I wear my Chanel I instantly feel confident and chic.
  15. was going to answer, but Lili Shop said what would have been my exact words lol