why are there so many chanel classic flaps on ebay now?

  1. before i got my classic flap about 3 months ago, i too went into eBay to take a look at the prices that others are selling it for and at that time, the specific design which i was looking for, which was the black caviar with silver hardware was hard to come across and even if i do see it, it appears to have been used for quite a while already and even so, the prices seemed much higher that time.
    i ended up getting the bag from NM instead.
    today, i went on to eBay as usual and was looking through chanel bags and i came across many listings of classic flaps so i did a search on classic flaps and i saw so many of them popping up.
    definately much more than what i saw awhile ago and the thing is, it doesnt seem like they are getting much bidding either.
    have anyone else noticed that too?
    what do you ladies think is the reason?
    i love my classic flap to death and i find that it goes with everything and anything.... was rather shocked to see that one in supposedly "mint condition" can be up for bidding at a buy it now price of 1399.......
  2. People selling off in anticipation of the new flaps coming out for S/S 2008. That's my guess.
  3. People could be selling them after receiving them for Christmas gifts and do not want them anymore. I am selling one of mine on eBay because I realized the size was not ideal for me. So instead of letting it sit in my closet collecting dust, I thought it would be best to sell it. I didn't really see too many Classic Flaps on eBay at a reasonable price other than a few. Selling Chanels on eBay could also be a seasonal thing and depends on the buyers' needs. Hope that helps! :smile:
  4. i hope this tides over for another month til i can buy my very own :heart: