why are some ebay buyers so....

Apr 25, 2007
San Antonio
FREAKING STUPID!!!! and just unthoughtful UGH!!!!

I had some shoes that were at a fixed price... a size 9... this person buys them... then emails me to say that if they are not a 7 they cannot buy them... and then emails me again saying they are not going to pay because they are a 9 .. not a 7... :wtf:

I had to email the seller.. i was kinda mad at the time, but I told them that now I have to file to get my fees it costs me to list.. and to ask them why the **** they bought them if they are not the right size:cursing:

How should I file this to get my fees back? non-paying bidder? mutual agreement not to buy the item? I do want this person to get a - feedback, but I want the shoes to get listed again asap.. they had like 10 watchers and 3 days left so I might have actually been able to sell them to a person that will pay for them!

They will probably leave me - feedback too... just because they felt like it or something:hysteric:


Aug 20, 2006
Mutual agreement not to complete the transaction is probably faster, unless they don't respond immediately. I think to do non-paying bidder you have to wait the 7 days first.