Who's up for my very first ever....REVEAL?!?!

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  1. So after missing Mr. Postman not once... but *twice*, my love finally arrived! :happydance::yahoo:

    Who's up for my first ever reveal?? I'm uploading picture evidence as I type ;)
  2. I'll play!
  3. ohhh! ohhhh! ooooh! meeeee toooo!
  4. Oh goody! Picked a great time to go to lunch!
  5. Me me! I should be doing my Art History work but my Coachies come first. :hugs:
  6. Is it something on your wishlist??
  7. Twice!? I would have had a nervous breakdown...can't wait to see!!
  8. I missed out on a great picture when I got home. I set the box on the floor so I can put down all my stuff, and our 4 kids (of the furry cat variety) were all surrounding the box.... it was super cute!

    So here's what was waiting for me at the front door...

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  9. Black leather Sabrina w/ silver??
  10. SaraJosephina: I love the Penelope Travel case in your avatar! The Penelope luggage is gorgeous! I want it. :yes:
  11. I was so miserable yesterday when I got home and she wasn't there!! I would have been there to sign for her on Monday, but I ended up staying late at work and the postman came early!! The real kicker is that if I had just fone normal shipping and not express I would have had her on Monday anyway! Bah!

    Lol. Yes she's in my wishlist! I've been stalking her like crazy lately.
  12. Take it off! *Insert stripper smiley here* <--(We really need one of those. That and one that waves dollar bills in the air)
  13. :woohoo:Let's see! Open, open!
  14. Lily (the one in front of the box) and Hansel (he's so hot right now...) are waiting impatiently for me to open the box...

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  15. Stop the teasing! Open it! :nuts: Lol.