Who's up for a Tuesday Afternoon reveal?

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  1. Lovely! I love the linen! Congrats!
  2. Nice fish & zoe!!
  3. Awesome! The perfect environment for the goldfish!
  4. She's a beaut!! Congrats!!
  5. and here are some pictures of them together :P

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  6. They look gorgeous together! Fabulous reveal! Enjoy!
  7. and some fun pics of the innards and what I am carrying now;)

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  8. Dang, it get up to do some errands and come back to find I missed another reveal! darn it. Oh, well at least I get to see the pretty pics now.
    I love the Zoe and the fish together...so pretty!
  9. It's pretty!
  10. Love your fish charm and zoe...look pretty together!
  11. So cute :smile: I keep looking for one, but I'm on ban anyways, so I suppose it's better that I can't find any!

    Ooh and the green lining is so neat! Bag and fish go great together
  12. wow, did you get the fob because it matched the new Zoe? because they go perfectly together!! lovely Zoe :biggrin: and cute fob--congrats!!
  13. Wow, the fob is sooo cute on the bag! Love it.
  14. ^^ was about to say the same thing!
    perfect match!
  15. LOVE ALL THAT GOLD... enjoy