Who's to Blame ???

  1. Who's to blame for sexing up our teens ?

    Is It fashion or poor parenting ? perhaps the media or music industry?

    I would appreciate your opinions and views.
  2. I think it's a combination if everything. I also think peers have A LOT to do with it.
  3. Both, but most importantly is the parenting. Good parents will instill all things needed for teens to make ethical and moral decisions, it's starts LONG before they're ever influenced by the media IMO.
  4. As a parent of a soon to be 5 year old, I think that it is 75% parents and 25% media/peers. Since I have had food issues and an eating disorder all my life, I am extremely sensitive to helping my daughter create a healthy body image and high self esteem. This relates to clothing because I am determine to keep my daughter innocent for as long as possible. All my friends and relatives know NOT to purchase Abigail glitter "princess" shirts, or pants/shorts with writing on the bum, or even anything Barbie. I have gotten to the point where Gap is getting too racey! I purchase clothes from Hanna Anderson, Lands End, some Gymboree. When I bring my daughter to the beach and I see little girls with bikinis on, I literally cringe. There is nothing wrong with a modest tankini but the day I put her in a tiny triangle bikink top, just shoot me.

    For me it is all about building confidence and that she does not need to wear that crap to be "popular". I want my daughter to enjoy her childhood and not feel the need to dress sexy for attention. Yes, this will be difficult as she ages, but I am confident that my approach will be successful and that my daughter will have high self esteem because of it. That is why I love the "American Girl" dolls.

    That is the parenting part. As far as the media I limit the television my children watches. My daughter know children in her class that have their own tv in their room. They are 5! :sad: Also, there are little girls that at 5 already have their ears peirced and wear nail polish. No way....not until she is much older. Nail polish on a 5 year old is just tacky.

    Now before you think I am completely anal, my kids and I have a lot of fun together. I take them on nature walks almost daily, we do arts and crafts, we love to dance to my music, we go to the "please touch museum" to explore. And every single night, they beg for their two bedtime stories and lullabye. Maybe I am naive; we will see in a few years!!

    Swankymom; you have a daughter. What do you think?
  5. ITA!!!!
  6. Wanted to add that yes, a lot is fashion. When I walk into Baby GAP and see low rise jeans, I just want to puke.
  7. very well said becca! i think parenting is incredibly important. i can see the difference between myself and my brother, who had the benefit of strong parenting and my bf's siblings, who did not (their father passed away when they were quite young). while the media does play a big role in our lives, children are influenced immensely by their parents and need their guidance.
  8. I agree. . . I WILL NOT buy my DD a bikini!
    She loves to play dress-up and although I didn't encourage it, I also couldn't deny her, it's was a natural thing for her. She loves to touch my wedding gown and walk in my wedding shoes. She's only 5, but she's all girl, but Mommy has the FINAL say on everything and she will not be dressing scantily as long as I'm around!
  9. I think it's both as well. I don't have kids of my own. I work at a mall and when I see lil girls and boys come in to buy clothes. I just shake my head. We do not carry younger kids clothes mostly adults. Now a days they seem to fit in to adults clothes. They see it on tv and they want to dress that way. If their parents don't give then they are the worst parents in the world. What frustrates me the most is the parents that give in because their kids yell at them, um hello?? are u not the parents that should be controlling the kids and not the other way around. Credit cards basically any type of plastic shouldn't be given to them at a young age or cell phones. The kicker of it all is when their children goes missing or especially the daughters that look older than they should that gets sexually assaulted. Who's to blame then?

  10. then I think you may have found your answer! The parents!;)

    this one was easy, the PERPETRATOR!:amazed: No matter how a person dresses, it's NEVER their fault if they are assaulted IMO.
  11. i would say friends/peer pressure, and a combination of poor parenting.. but if you've seen those wife-swap shows.. there are some families that have crazy strict parents and the kids are crazy innocent/naive!

    my [oldest] niece has a cellphone, but she knows to use it when necessary.. she only has like.. 10 numbers in there, all family members. (mom, dad, me, grandma dads side, grandma moms side, etc)
  12. It's who YOU are first, then the parents, the friends, the media.
  13. The media, but I think that's everyone's fault. People used to have class and morals. Now, it shows in media and fashion that most people are trashy and have no morals. I think this type of media gives kids the idea it's ok to dress or act certain ways. Most kids want to popular, so they don't seem to listen to the parents. It's sad. I also think there is a double standard for adults and celebs. Like if an adult and/or celeb does it it's ok, but not a kid. Why is it bad for a little girl to wear a bikini but not an adult? It's revealing on a child (whom if is a young age has no shape!) but on a full grown lady? I think that's weird thinking. Then again, I think bikinis on anyone are just tacky. :sick: What was wrong with one pieces? :huh: Anywho, I think it's everyone's fault because we allow ourselves and our media to send these kids such messages.
  14. Early puberty due to richer diets, possibly hormonal traces/growth hormone traces in animal foods, and more bodyfat on girls can't be helping... :suspiciou

    Kids are increasingly left looking to their peers - other children - these days and that can't be a good thing, coz even when I was young people aspired to be as adult as possible and without the stabilising influence of RESPECTED teachers, and with parents often too busy to spend time with their kids, it's a downward spiral into immaturity desperately wishing to be grown up.

    A lot of people might disagree with the conclusions he's drawn here, but John Taykor Gatto's piece "Against School" makes some good points about the essential gullibility of kids. Worth a read IMO and as someone who hopes very much to be a parent soon...


  15. The Parents...as parents WE have the control to say NO and not allow are kids to become slaves to fashion. Ari with her huge chest would try and walk out of the house with a low cut shirts on and she was sent to change. I didn't care what she was going to wear on top of it, I didn't think it was appropriate and I had final say