Who's on the NM wait list for EDITH? info?

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  1. Just wondering how many people on here are on the NM waiting lists for the Chloe Edith?

    If so, have your SA's given you ANY info in terms of when the bags are due to hit stores or how many bags each store is receiving?

    Let's keep each other informed!
  2. Hi,
    I'm on the NM waiting list for the Edith. Received a card saying that "we are not sure we can deliver because th demand has exceeded our expectations." The expected date of delivery is 05/08/06 which I had to either call and agree to or cancel - I chose to accept the delayed delivery date.
  3. They've cancelled my order twice! I finally got a chocolate ordered- although it's listed as "backordered" and there is no delivery date listed. I'm confident I'll end up with one- I think a lot of people have their names on many, many lists which will mean lots of cancellations. (as you can guess, I'm trying to be positive my hopes!)
  4. The NM in Atlanta told me they are getting only 2 Edith in the whisky color.
  5. I'm on the list for an Edith in Chamois. They told me last month that I am first on the list. This is NM-Houston. Last month they told me not to even bother putting my name on the list for Whiskey - I would never get one because the list was so long. They are not giving me any dates but are confident I will get one because of being first on the list. It does help to work with an particular SA that will stay on top of this. I also spoke to the handbag manager to let her know I wanted this bag.
  6. I ordered the Edith in Choco on NM online awhile ago. I got the card as well and called to let them know I still wanted it. I also asked if they had any in Whiskey and she said she didn't, but then again she didn't seem to friendly as well. I can't wait!
  7. I am on the waiting list and I also have it pre-ordered at NM.com. I got a postcard like most of you regarding the delay from NM.com but my local SA called me on Friday and said that there are 10 of the whisky color at their warehouse. She called to let me know that if I want to take that route, she will order it right away instead of waiting for it to get to the store. The store itself is only getting one and I'm no. 3 on the list. Anyway, I let the opportunity go and told her that I'll take my chances. I know, I know but I just bought a new bag. I'll wait for May. You probably should call your SA though and ask her to check their warehouse inventory. Maybe there are a few left on stock.
  8. That's how I ordered mine....through the warehouse inventory. My SA said that's how you are guaranteed a bag and that's how you get the bag the fastest. I had to pay for it the day I ordered.
  9. I am on the Nordstrom waitlist at Fashion Valley for a Whiskey Edith. I put my name in awhile ago and haven't bothered to cancel even though I no longer want the bag. So, if I end up getting one, you can be sure I'll be offering it here on the forum!
  10. I canceled my edith chamois order because it looks too laptop bagish. FW06 they are coming out with a longer strap version. I'm going to wait.

  11. ^^^Do you mean the bag that is larger and had regular handles (a variation of the Edith) - sorry I can't remember it's name right now? That bag has a totally different shape though, right?
  12. Greenie, I can't believe you cancelled your order! You have been so excited about your Edith chamois! I have pics from Ron Herman (from Chloe) of the shoulder version. It is called the Cantine and will be available in at least whiskey and black. You can preorder from RH. I don't care for the long handled version, although my SA said it will probably be an IT bag.

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  13. I know, I know...:sad: but the more I saw it the more it looked too utilitarian. and I really wanted another bbag--the cognac purse. Now I'm eyeing the orange twiggy!

    I'll wait for FW to see what Chloe comes out with. I'd rather have something I really love.:wacko:
  14. i'm on the wait list at neiman marcus in both beverly hills and orlando. the stores have told me that they are yet to get the bags in (i'm waiting for the grey), but they will let me know as soon as they do. i call periodically to check up.
  15. I have been on the NM waiting list for what seems like forever for a whiskey edith. I have talked to my SA a few times, and she says that she has no idea when it will ship and does not know what the hold up is. Needless to say, I have lost interest in the bag partly because it has taken so long. But I kept my order just in case. Will keep everyone posted if I hear anything.