Who's Getting Mini Lin Today?

  1. Sooooo who got the coveted phone call this week and is picking up their mini lin today?

    I'm still waiting for the phone call....my normal SA was coming back today...so I'm supposed to get a call either way (although I'll probably call her)!

    I am hoping this is one line that I like.....the last couple that came out I haven't liked (Lockit, perfo & charms). And I really want a "new line" item!

    I can't wait to see all the pics that will be coming in throughout the weekend!
  2. Congrats, can't wait to see pics :yahoo:
  3. not me :crybaby:

    breaks my heart with all the new awesome stuff coming out at the moment, but I really need to be on a budget since I'm going to Vegas :graucho: in November.

    BUT I'll sure look during the next days ... :drool:
  4. Some pieces are on eLuxury now.
  5. is this a limited edition or permanent line??

    Im soo in the dark about the new LV stuff...
  6. It is a permanent line texas!
  7. Just went to LV - they look beautiful :smile: Unfortunately, I can't get one yet . . . I'm going on vacation next week - YEA!
  8. thanks, twiggers~!!

    Has anyone actually seen it or felt it? It looks kinda smooshy to me...
  9. I beleive its a perm line..I loved it IRL..SO MUCH NICER tahn I though it would be.....Gotta wait a few weeks( AFter this weeks MAJOR STEPHEN purchase!!LOL!)..then its mine..maybe the speedy and the wallet..so pretty IRL!
  10. I can't wait to see pics of the ladies who purchase this weekend~!
  11. I have the 30 in my cart. Not sure whether to buy it or not....
  12. have you seen the speedy IRL? You should see it before you buy if youre not sure...:upsidedown:
  13. I just ordered mine for the 888 number (speedy 30)...I was looking at it on Elux and it just disappeared before my eyes as I went to click buy!!! LOL debating on the wallet...(porte tresor??) Jill is it really nice?? I use my mono one everyday and I really do not need another...but....its so different...hmmmmm
  14. one more question: will it come in speedy 25?
  15. I'm not sure texas...right now it's just the 30. If I get ahold of my SA today I'll check on that.\
    I definetly want to see it and touch it first before I make a final decision!