Whooo more new stuff!

  1. Aggh! They keep bringin out more stuff. I hate it when that happens. Always more and more on the neverending wishlist. Ok I'm just going to put some pics of the main new pieces, not all of them.

    [​IMG] patent du jour medium. MUCH nicer than the huge one in my opinion. $1520

    [​IMG] baulotto grande $1500. Bit more than the purple, wonder how bright the blue is in real life..

    [​IMG] $880 Matriska shopping tote. Better than the regular zucca imo.

    [​IMG] $1840. I will not be buying this. Some baguettes are crazy expensive!

    [​IMG] $750 Ahh the price is right.

    I got these from the Bergdorf Goodman site there may be different ones at other stores. So anyone like these? I'm not crazy about any of them, still waiting for purple spy..;)
  2. they are ok, but none truly strikes my fancy
  3. That last little white one is cute. And whoa! that blue!! That looks like it would definitely stand out.
  4. I like the two baguettes.
  5. i love that blue! such a fun color!
  6. I oddly like the baguette but think the price is too high for what you get. Did you see the great shoes that go with these though? The azure blue color for the season is simply wonderful... reminds me of grecian waters... and vacationing... YUM!
  7. Not a big fan of any of those but I have to agree with you that is a zucca that I like. Never been a fan of the regular zucca.
  8. I could see myself with #1,2,3,5, #4 looks like a zebra. I don't see myself buying these though lol. I like how Fendi is so..different. There are so many different styles and colors, someones gotta love something! :okay: