Whole Foods Market

  1. Do any of you all shop there?

    If so, do you do all of your grocery shopping at WF or do you buy some things and get others from the regular supermarket?
  2. I've only been there about 4 or 5 times since the nearest one to me is about 2 hours away.
    It reminds me of The Fresh Market which I have visited much more frequently.
    I love both of them!
  3. I enjoy shopping at Whole Foods however when I am close to home, I hit up the Trader Joes because it is closer to me. (Also cheaper in price.) However, when I travel for work, I look for the nearest WF and shop/eat there daily. Their Deli and what I like to call the "Buffet by The Pound" ($7.99 per lb of food you choose) is GREAT! Everything is delicious, fresh, and clean. :p:p
  4. I like WF a lot. Hehe in college when my parents paid for my groceries, that was the only place I shopped! But now my bf & I shop at a variety of places... Trader Joes, Whole Foods and the two other large chains near us. It really depends on what we need and what we need it for. My favorite grocery store is actually one called Sunset Foods that is in the Chicago suburbs. Always shopped there when I lived at home and still will make a point of going there if I'm visiting my parents:smile:
  5. I have heard mixed reviews about Trader Joes, but I did hear they are way cheaper. I would like to try them one day. I'm not sure where the closest one is in this area.

    I tend to get my meats, fruits, and juices from WF. I even get my Vitamin Water from there because surprisingly its cheaper than in the regular grocery store (1.19 vs. 1.49). I love their hot food section :drool:
  6. Whole Foods is one of the best stocked super markets in NYC. I stop by quite often. I am especially pleased with its seafood, meat market, frommagerie, and bakery. That being said, occasionally, I feel very frustrated with WF's "organic" mumbo jumbo. I just want regular WHITE toilet paper and not brown wipers.

    I like Trader Joe's too... but they dont carry fresh pasta.
  7. I usually go to WF 3-4 times/week. I like to buy my organic produce fresh since I make homemade babyfood for my DS who is 7 months old. They have the greatest selection of baby yogurt and I like to buy my organic iced teas :smile:.:tup:
  8. I buy all my fruits and veggies there. Plus we eat a lot of fish and seafood and I buy all of it there. I buy their bottled water and flowers too, but for things like soda, paper towels, laundry detergent, I go to a traditional grocery store. There are just some brands that I don't want to give up and WF doesn't carry them.
  9. I actually purchased paper towels from WF before. It was only out of pure laziness. I really wish I had stuck with Bounty because they are awful IMO. :tdown:
  10. One big rip-off IMO! If I have money to burn I go there but otherwise I go to local farmers markets and Trader Joes.
  11. My husband and I shop there for almost all of our groceries. Bounty and toilet paper we stick to our local supermarket.
  12. Me too. I'm all for being "green", but their household products suck.

    I have a really huge WF near me. It has everything from Jamba Juice, a coffee bar, salad bar, pizza bar, sushi bar, and gelato bar which they just got. Can you tell I never need to cook? LOL
  13. I love Whole Foods, even though it's a little expensive. I get all my produce there, as well as household products from Seventh Generation. For more everyday things like cereal and pasta, we'll go to Trader Joe's.
  14. I go to Whole Foods for some things. The last time I went I had a bad experience. I purchased a spoiled chicken and spoiled grapefruit juice. When I called whole foods to let them know, they did not display the best customer service. I had to eMail the corporate office.
  15. YES!!! I am there waaaaaay too much!!! I am an official WFW (Whole Foods Whore).