Whoever #3 Is.... Hairy's Got Ya Back !

  1. [​IMG]

  2. OH. MY. GAWD. :push:
  3. sick.
  4. Yuck that is sick!!!!
  5. Gross!:throwup:
  6. lol, ew! But....you can't say it's not clever!
  7. :graucho: That is so sexy.

  8. Looks like Shrek!
  9. His wife should really get him to just wax it ALL off !!!
  10. hahahahaha
  11. eeeeew!
  12. I laughed out loud on this one! I love the title of the thread!
  13. Ahhh I'm blinded! :yucky::push::wtf:
  14. It's really nasty, but it's just as hilarious too. Glad I didn't have to experience it IRL though.
  15. ^^ Could you imagine touching his back?!?! :roflmfao: