WHOA Rude Awakening! Car explosion outside my window!

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  1. So, I'm fast asleep, dreaming about who knows what, when I hear a BANG. Thinking it was the upstairs neighboors' window closing, I turn over and enjoy my comfy bed. I'm just drifting back off to sleep when my mother opens her door, comes running in my door, and tells me to wake up. Now, she's totally freaking out, so my la-la land abruptly ends. Then I hear louder bangs right outside my bedroom window. Mom is calling 911, saying there was a car on fire. I grab the most important things in my room - my violin, laptop, and teddy bear Arthur (with whom I sleep every night, although I never thought I'd admit that!). I crate up the cats as quickly as possible, which is when the firemen arrive.

    I guess I should explain that our 2 bedrooms are in the back of the apartment, and the apartments are seperated from a carwash by a 6 foot concrete wall.

    We're in the front of the apartment, I'm ready to run because I keep hearing explosions, but my mother decides to be curious, and opens up my bedroom door. She climbs onto a chair and looks out...the fire is almost out, thank God, but this car is charred...the firemen just left, and some Chief looking guy is still on the scene, as well as some policemen.

    Talk about an adrinaline rush! I don't think I can go back to bed now!

    My mother and I were just laughing that I had Arthur by the door, ready to go. :shame::lol:

    ETA: S, meet D! I meant RUDE, not ruse. :lol:
  2. WOW...that is crazy!!! Glad everyone is OK though :smile:
  3. I'm glad you're ok! Definetly a crazy experience!
  4. Yikes, hope noone got hurt!
  5. That must've been scary.
  6. i changed the spelling error in the title for you :smile:
  7. No kidding an adreniline rush! I am glad that you are okay, but also amused that Arthur was ready at the door. I understand, flopsy would be climbing out the window with me in the occasion of a fire.
  8. I'm glad no one got hurt and you and your mother are okay.
  9. that happened to me..
    some young teenagers purposely set a car on fire...it was scary...i thought "any second now that car's gonna explode."
    but it didnt.
    then the firefighters came and popped the trunk open..to make sure it wasnt a homicide.
  10. Yeah, I haven't seen anything on the news all day, so I suppose it was some kind of prank...or maybe there were drugs in the car? Meh.

    Sooo glad I'm moving! I spent most of the day getting a Salvation Army pile going, and organizing other things. :yahoo:
  11. :tup: I love that you would take your violin!
    I would too, mines is 200 years old. I wish I could take my piano though, but it would be hard trying to get that through the door in a rush.:roflmfao:

    :back2topic:.. Thats really scary:wtf: