Who would you like to see in a Louis Vuitton Ad?

  1. I'll admit one of the main reasons why I buy Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, etc is to look at the fabulous ads! :love:

    Who would you like to see in LV ads?

    One of my favorite models is Gemma Ward, I think she'd be a perfect LV model! Also Sasha Pivovarova (who I always thought was Gemma until today! Lol).... I would also love to see Kate Moss in an LV ad again.

    Actresses: Zhang Ziyi or Eva Green, After Lindsay's Miu Miu ad's I think she would make a great LV girl (rather you like her as a person or not)

    Actors: Daniel Craig because he's soooo sexy! =)
  2. Great thread.

    I would like to see Julian McMahon and Marc Jacobs in an LV ad.
  3. Zhang Ziyi is an idea. Vuitton has done the pretty young blonde thing to death, I think Ziyi would be a nice antidote.
    I'd like to see older/more human models, less stagey... some humor would definitely be a welcome change. Hopefully something along these lines is being worked on right now with S/S 08's campaign.
  4. Julian McMahon.... Oh la la! :heart: Great idea!

    Yeah, I think LV needs to mix it up a little bit more too. I love Scarlett Jo. but I'm ready for a change!
  5. Matthew McConaughey. Just because he's so damn cute....lying down in the sun with a nice piece of luggage or sunnies on...Now thats an ad I'd probably save:p
  6. lol- my mom has a MAJOR crush on Christian :p
  7. Dita Von Teese, Natalie Portman, or Catherine Zeta Jones... modern glamour!!
  8. rain (keke) or daniel henney
  9. I would love to see Kate Beckinsale in an LV ad! Ooh ooh and TYSON BECKFORD!!
  10. Oh. Jennifer Connelly. most definitely Jennifer Connelly. She's smoulderingly hot, and I think a perfect match to the brand.
  11. ME!!!!!!! I would love to model all those fabulous bags, pity I'm not famous or have model looks :sad: !!!!!!

    Ok so seriously, ANgelina Joile, I think she just gorgeous!!!
  12. I like the idea of Natalie Portman or Catherine Zeta Jones...or Angelina Jolie with her beloved CP and CM!
  13. Daniel Craig for sure!!!
  14. ^^^ooo, yea!!!!!!!!
  15. gael garcia bernal, halle berry, rosario dawson, angelina jolie