Who Was This Girl in the LV in Action Thread

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  1. Okay, yesterday, I was browsing the pictures of tPFers pictures with their LVs in that thread and I saw this really adorable picture of I think either a Malaysian or Singapore or Chinese girl (with lots of cute accessories + lovely shoes and clothing)...I also saw that someone posted a link to her 360.yahoo.com profile where she posted even more pictures?

    Does anyone else recognize this person? I've been going through the thread over and over a little and trying hard as I can to find out where someone posted the link to her blog on yahoo.

    I'm not even sure, it could have been another thread? I'm confused. But if anyone remembers or has the link bookmarked, help?

  2. it's in the celebrities thread... you can find the link there... i think i know which girl you're talking about..
  3. I spent so long looking for the link it nearly killed me...

    Okay, I'll keep looking *breathes*

  4. If it's the one I am thinking of, it's in the most recent ten pages or so of the celebrities thread.
  5. Could you post this question in the celebrities thread ? :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.