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  1. I got today no reveal just pics, I love my Damier NF so much:love:
    Now ladies help me choose a Wallet
    Damier Zippy Wallet
    Damier Insolite or T&B Wallet?

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  2. How about a vernis zippy? Otherwise the damier zippy.
  3. Zippy! And congrats on your Neverfull!
  4. I do like the Vernis Zippy:thinking:
  5. Thanks Lee:biggrin:
  6. Congrats!
  7. Vernis Pomme Zippy to match your NF! Congrats btw :yes:
  8. I prefer the Zippy! Congrats on your bag, enjoy!!
  9. Congrats on your NF! I like the Damier Zippy or Pomme Zippy wallet.
  10. congrats......
  11. zippy
  12. Congrats on the NF and I vote for the zippy
  13. Congrats and I vote for the Zippy too.
  14. Definitely vernis zippy!
    Congrats on your NF!
  15. Thanks everyone