Who wanted to see that new Tokyo scarf? Well here it is!

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  1. WhooHoo!

    Thanks, HG
  2. Oh oh!! They have one in the twilly style too, really cute!
  3. Paging fopduck! I like this one a lot....colors are lovely.
  4. Lovely.....LOVELY! Thanks for posting, HG!!!!
  5. Very pretty!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Wonderful!
  7. WOW! Great scarf! Thanks for posting it! LOVE IT!
  8. So pretty! Love the colors!
  9. OMG HOW PRETTY!!! Will this be sold in the US???
  10. Wow !! It's sooooo pretty !!! :heart:
  11. i guess one less scarf to get for me..
  12. very pretty!
  13. oh i love it!!!!
  14. OMG! I love it