who tips the SAs?

  1. Do you guys tip the SAs at your boutiques?
  2. No way!
  3. Isn't that inapropriate?
  4. It sounds inappropriate but I remember reading an article in one of those fashion magazines, Vogue or Harper's Bazaar, about tipping SAs. I guess some people do tip!
  5. they're lucky if I can actually purchase a bag from them.
  6. i've heard of people getting gifts or something for their favorite sa's...but actual tips...that seems odd.
  7. No...I don't think it's inappropriate. They receive their wages and don't depend on tips to make a living, like many waitresses, hairdressers, and nail people do! Either way, they're getting paid...They're not really even providing a service to me when I buy a bag. Sure, they may show it to me and all, but like I said above - they're getting paid to do this and don't depend on tips...So, no I don't tip them.

    If I had one SA that I only went to, then sure - I may send flowers or a box of chocolates or something to say thank you, but I'd never give them cash...
  8. No, I would never tip..
  9. I agree... I mean, I can't imagine buying a bag in a boutique and placing a 50 dollar bill on the glass! :shrugs:
  10. Many get commissions on their sales. That's enough extra compensation, in my opinion, for services rendered on large ticket items.
  11. I don't. I might send them a thank you card or something though.
  12. When I worked in retail we weren't allowed to accept gifts or tips. So, no I don't tip.
  13. I've never tipped an SA - but I think sending a card, a small but nice gift, is appropiate around the holidays.
  14. I wouldn't tip! However, if I had a personal shopper - i would!
  15. Oh thank goodness it's not appropriate! When I read the title I thought "oh God, another tipping rule I don't know about!!!"