Who needs a new necklace? I've got the diamond for you...

  1. Thats huge!!!!! I cant believe Im going to say this.....but too big!!!!!!!:confused1::roflmfao:
  2. WOW!!!! :wacko:
  3. WOW:drool::love:
  4. Incredible! I'm curious how much it's actually going to go for (est. at 6 million USD) and what on earth the person that wins it will do with it.
  5. my god!! it's HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. OMG, I need the Royal Guards to wear that out!!

    Posse....Where are you?
  7. :wtf: WOW! Now if only I had a crown to put that on...
  8. WOW :wtf::woohoo: so pretty!!
  9. Oooooh, that would be nice in my collection! LOL!
  10. Too big!!!
  11. It is one beautiful rock! But what the heck to do with a stone that size? A ring is one option and what a ring that would be? A center stone in a fall necklace maybe?
  12. Holy cow...that would make one hell of a ring!
  13. I would totally wear it as a earing stud JK That is a beautiful. I think it was purchased to the founder of GUESS for 6 million......lucky wife or I guess himself???
  14. I'm going to be in the opposite end of the camp. I think the shape is awful and it is just toooo big. It looks like a paperweight!