Who looks better?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I know one is Victoria...who's the other one?
  3. She is Kate Moss.
  4. I like Victoria better. I don't like Kate's style at all. Many will disagree with me though...
  5. Victoria..I don't like Kate Moss at all!
  6. hard to say... but if Vicky gained some weight.... she would definitely look way better... that's what i think from the healthiness point of view
  7. Definitely Kate!!
  8. I like Kate Moss
  9. i like both!
  10. Hm. VBeck because I'm tired of seeing Kates nipples :P
  11. They both look great. Kate is more classic and Victoria is more trendy.
  12. I like Victoria (though she could stand to gain some weight). Never been a Kate fan.
  13. KATE all the way!!!!!:love:her style!
  14. VB for me and i agree as well she just needs a lil bit of weight.
  15. On a side note, I think VB forgot to put some pants on (& maybe Kate too)
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