Who likes Hermes Cashmere????

  1. I do, I do!!!

    I have two coats - one is chocolate brown with ebene leather lining, mid elbow sleeves, no buttons, and the other is anthracite grey with silk lining, slits under the arms to double as a poncho, buttons down the front, slit in the back...

    So now here's my question: what should I get to go with my miel croc bag and shoes??? The brown coat will look OK but I'm thinking of something with a little more pizazz :yes: Any ideas?

    I'm going to Tampa for Thanksgiving and am thinking that I'd like to wear Kelly and the shoes (with a new coat!) when I go for dinner on Thanksgiving night!

    Help ;)
  2. I don't have any Hermes coats (but would definitely love to one day!), but I have 2 light Hermes cashmere sweaters. I would suggest a light blue or cream shell or button-front blouse to go with your coat. They definitely have the shell in the stores right now.

    PS: I'm so glad to see someone else adores their RTW. I know we all like bags, and there is so much talk about bracelets, scarves, and agendas/wallets, but I just wish there was more talk about the RTW, too.
  3. ^ I love pale blue with chocolate brown or the Miel bag and shoes (lucky you!!! my fave for croc!!) How about a pale blue Cashmere scarf to wear with your choco. coat? It would be fabulous with jeans!
  4. Hmmmm, sounds good - light or pale blue, thanks!

    I love their RTW also - especially the cashmere :yes:

    Their silk knits are super cool as well - I bought a three piece sweater set that is so versatile - it's a black tank, a long sleeved top with buttons down the chest (but a pullover) and then a longer sleeved top with buttons all the way down the front. You can wear them all together or one by one....

  5. Count me in as a cashmere fan too. I've got a couple of sweaters from them and a four-ply cashmere cardigan that is fantastic. Still looks good despite the fact that it's 10 years old.

    I think a black fitted coat would look soooooo good with your miel bag and shoes.
  6. ^^^^^^4-ply!!! Whew!!!! Sounds lovely, WN, unfortunately I'm so hot blooded I can only wear them on the coldest days.

    Nefarious, they did a lot of aubergine/prune this year, too.
  7. Lisa, you would look wonderful in ANY color. :flowers:
  8. I think the 4-ply is to compensate for the fact that cardigans let in lots of cold gusts through the gaps between the buttons. :P

    Can you believe I bought that when the H store was still on 57th St???
  9. Another Hermes Cashmere fan here.....I've yet to foray into RTW (that's ALL I need......oiy!) BUT I did buy a fabulous Chocolate Cashmere Stole a few months ago which I LOVE!!!! Took that baby with me to Italy and wore the heck out of it! It did double duty as blanket on the plane and wrap for me in the evenings in place of a sweater or a coat. I was warm and toasty and stylish all at the same time. I'd buy another in a heartbeat but the Chocolate color goes with everything! (especially a Croc!)

    Here's a pic of the stole I'm talking about.....it's TDF, Nefarious!
  10. Hey D.! does the matte brown croc BK come with the stole ?!?!:nuts: LOL!

    Actually I would take whole model's attire, from head (incl. fur hat) to....waist!!!:wlae:
  11. D....LOL, but I think the bag is an extra $24K!!!!! I know....when I saw that pic in the magazine the first thing I did was track down the stole. I was SHOCKED they had the exact color in San Francisco! Now THAT was a shocker!!!!!
  12. That sounds gorgeous!! do you have pics??:flowers:

  13. Shopmom: Oooooh....that is YUMMY! What a lovely piece :yes:

    Sue: You are tooooo sweet! Thanks!!!

    Ok, I'm itching to hit the H store just because of my own thread, lol!!!

  14. Here's the brown coat...bad pic, and I look mean (and I'm really not...think I was slightly perturbed at my teenaged daughter at the time, lol) but you'll get an idea of what it looks like. It's one of my favorite H items for fall...btw, that's an H cashmere/ebene leather beret too!!!