Who knows the price for this LV bag?

  1. It appears in its adv on ELLE (Sep.issue)
    with leopard prints.

    Who knows the price for the large one?

    The one shown below is smaller with strap.

  2. nobody knows? :sad:
  3. You may want to post this on LV board. I'm sure someone will be able to help you there :flowers:
  4. Just called the boutique.

    This is a limited edition, will not be launched until Oct or Nov. Some part is made of Python skin. Estimated price ranging from $3500 ~ $9200 @___@

    Anyone like it?
  5. I like everything about it but the LV logos. They should have used a more neutral base instead of the traditional monogram canvas....maybe vernis or epi instead? Definitely love the leopard though!!
  6. I LOVE it...but my wallet does not...and if I could afford it, 1. I'd have to have my friend in FL get it for me as you can't buy python in CA and 2. the novelty of it woulod wear off really fast.
  7. It's approx. $4100.