Who is your style icon / role model and why?

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  1. Ok, a lot of people draw inspiration from public figures, or simply admire their choices in fashion. Who is(are) your fashion icon(s) and why?

    I LOVE Maggie Gyllenhaal for her quirky fashoin choices, and her adorably unkempt hair. Her face is unique and beautiful, and she is a talented actress.




    Also, the classic Jackie-O. Her style represents all that is classy, perfect and put-together.


  2. I love Kate Moss!
  3. yea..definitely KATE MOSS...I like to copy her style! and I love her hair style too.
  4. I still admire Jackie O's style, and Audrey Hepburn's. As far as modern fashion icons, hmmm, let's see....I like some of Diane Keaton's styles when she sticks to the simple classics and doesn't go too "out there". Most of the younger celebs have a style that's just too young for me. I like Kristin Davis' style (she's featured in the new C magazine), and yes, I do like Sarah Jessica Parker's (not her perfume, though!).
  5. I dont think I have a particular Icon, I work with alot of celebs so while they can afford to buy the latest this and that and have people making sure they look perfect everyday. I would have to say I admire the regular street smart women that knows and carries her self well with confidence and style.
  6. I don't have one particular Icon- but I would die for Victoria Beckam's handbag collection, and Kimora Lees, and Kate Moss, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Oh, and Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie has great handbags. Ok- I realize I need to get some help! LOL!
  7. I loved to have Star's handbag collection, so she is my purse icon. I love the classic 60's style (Jackie O) and I would love to have Jessica Simpsons or Nichole Ritchies stylist dress me! hey if I just had their money I could dress myself!
  8. I think Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly have classic style that I don't think anyone will ever be able to emulate. That's why I don't try :P I can't really think of anyone current who I look up to in terms of style. I just wear what I like :biggrin:
  9. I :love: them, too. As for more modern ones though, I'd robably pick Scarlett Johasson. I just :love: her. She is just so pretty and class imo.
  10. I kind of like Rachel Weis, maybe because she has dark hair and thick brows like mine and doesn't outright try to completely change her look. She seems comfortable about her unique features.

    I also like Gwyneth Paltrow's style. I would probably try to borrow more of her style if I was 4 inches taller and skinnier. And Penelope Cruz.
  11. do you have anyone who's style you love and try to emulate? what made you choose them? do you ever stray from your ideal or stick pretty much to a type?

    mine are Jackie O and Charlotte York from SITC. i have this fantasy of looking effortlessly put together and timeless, no matter what the situation. my grandmother was this kind of woman...beautiful jewelry, well tailored suits, and heels. always. not nessicarily designer, but definately high quality and classic. i try to apply this ideal whenever i buy something...however, comfort often wins that battle and i end up actually wearing lots of sweatshirts and jeans. not so classy. :smile:
  12. Def Sarah Jessica Parker. I would love to raid her closet!
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  14. Grace Kelly. I admire the way she dressed. She had her own distinctive style. It suited her perfectly. Her clothes were classic and timeless, but they still had that egde to them :biggrin: That's something I'm aiming for!!!
  15. And i'd recommend http://gofugyourself.typepad.com/ for some new style icons :biggrin:!!! Just kidding :biggrin: