*Who is waiting for a Linea Pelle bag to be delivered?*

  1. Is your camera still broken??!!!! use your phone! do crackberries have camera's on them??

  2. ^ All I bought was the marigold Dylan this time, I'm really thinking about getting one of those clutches with the chain strap...From the SS, I bought the gray blob.
  3. I'm waiting on my brown Zoe and black Gillian clutch. So excited and so tempted to order more but I am waiting on the RM sale as well
  4. I just ordered the black Gillian clutch. I plan to use the chain strap on my iron gray blob, it won't match but at least I can get some use from it right?
  5. I am! I got a black piper tote and an aubergine angie speedy... though there were many many other things that nearly ended up in my cart too.

    Can't wait for them to arrive! :wlae:
  6. I am!
    I am waiting for the Whiskey Quilted Dylan Bowler, and on the same day my "best offer" of $265 got the NWT Black Piper Speedy on eBay!
    Waiting impatiently for both!
  7. You got the Whiskey Quilted Dylan Bowler?!!! OMG that bag is gorgeous!!! You have to post pics when you get it! I think that's one we don't yet have pictures of!?
  8. I'm waiting on my new black Piper Tote. Still no shipping confirm... (ordered on 4/15).
  9. I've got the Midnight Dylan tote and a Marigold Dylan wallet on it's way to me.
  10. That's a great idea! Yeah, the camera is broken and I don't know what to do to fix it or where to take it. I'm totally afraid of how much it'll cost...
  11. OK everybody!
    I got my Black Piper Speedy today and it is the most incredible bag yet!!! Yes, I know that is a bold statement, but wowweee!
    I did not get it from the LP sale, but rather I saw a NWT one on eBay and did a best offer and got it for $265 toal with s&h.
    What a deal! It is beauty-full!
    (...I will post pix later, but I had to sneak the box in past DH and open it in the closet so he didn't see! LOL!)
  12. Yupper!
    I can't wait to see it!
    ...but of course it has to be hidden, like the Piper Speedy, and brought out into the world slowly exposing it to DH, like "oh, you haven't seen this bag? I got this a while ago..."
  13. Does anyone have some pics with their Zoe bag? I'm thinking about getting the Silver Zoe, such a great deal!!
  14. You mean the 'ol "What this old thing?"

  15. LOL!!!!