*Who is waiting for a Linea Pelle bag to be delivered?*

  1. I am! But just one--I tried to be a good girl but flipped when I saw a marigold Dylan!!

    Please share ladies :beach:
  2. ME! Aubergine Angie Speedy and the crimson Angie Speedy. Just notified tonight that the aubergine is on the way, but it's not 'in the system' yet so I have no idea of a true date, yet. I'M SO EXCITED!!!
  3. i got my marigold dylan already!!! (i live in LA so i got it next day :biggrin:) it is sooo lovely, the leather is beautiful. as another tpfer said, its a mustard yellow. i like it though. i am planning to applegard it and use it tomorrow!

    i am waiting on my dylan wallet and belt which should get here tmw, will post pics of my loot then.
  4. YAY! ^^I'm so excited to get my marigold dylan! but not until tuesday.....
  5. Mine (marigold Dylan) is coming Tuesday also!

    Are we the only three who scored one of these?
  6. ^^

    Please post pics. I REALLY wanted this bag but hesitated and the next day they weren't on sale anymore. What was the sale price on the marigold dylan again? Was it $240? Thanks
  7. After using a code, it was $189.
  8. ^^

    I shouldn't have waited!! You all enjoy your marigold dylans and don't forget to post pics and a review.

    *This is why we shouldn't wait on sale items :smile:*
  9. I bought a silver Zoe for 89.10! I'm very tempted to snatch a Dylan and Piper tote but I'm saving up for the RM sale!
  10. :waiting for a silver Zoe and a black Gillian clutch:
  11. Waiting for the brown/gold zoe....
  12. Ms. Lizardo scored one to! Man, for once my luck was with me that day. I kept missing them at the SS. what a killer price. :rolleyes:

  13. Marigold Dylans at the SS? Wow, I missed all the good stuff too, how much were they?
  14. I'm waiting for the Ashley Shoulder in marine, Ashley crimson clutch and also the Angie Speedy in crimson. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

    I wish my camera wasn't broken...
  15. Oh Crap---I think I meant to say pumpkin!!! It's all this crack I smoke, it's starting to screw with my brain--sorry! I just know I've always wanted that marigold mini dylan and then when I saw the Pumpkin I HAD to have that. So now I have a regular sized (marigold) Dylan and I couldn't be happier!!! :wlae:

    What else did you get Toni???