Who is getting a White/ Ivory Epi on March 1st?


Which style?

  1. Alma

  2. Jasmine

  3. Passy PM

  4. Passy GM

  5. Petit Noe

  6. Speedy 25

  7. Turenne PM

  8. Turenne GM

  9. New Montaigne Bowling PM

  10. New Montaigne Bowling GM

  11. New Montaigne Handbag

  12. Soufflot

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  1. Just wondering if anyone is planning to get the new epi color.... :rolleyes:
  2. maybe.... :shame:
  3. Definitely the Alma in ivory, I have it in black & it is a very classy bag. Never bought a mono Alma but love the Epi.
  4. Not sure yet...I have to see it in person.
  5. maybe the pochette? I'd wait and see how everyone loves it, easy to maintain, etc.
  6. :yes: Fantastic idea!
  7. I'm going to LV on March 3rd. I want to either get a Ivory Epi or a Mono Pleaty Shoulder bag. Not sure which one yet.
  8. I just spoke with a lady in 1-866 number. She said the Alma in Ivory is very pretty.
  9. I'd like to see it first. I think I might like the old Vanilla better though..but I have to see the Ivory in person before I make a decision.
  10. I'm a big epi fan, but I'm hesitant about maintenance issues of any white leather.
  11. I want to see it IRL first.

  12. Same here!!

    If I like it, I would consider Epi Ivory Alma...:drool:
  13. I really love the idea of a white speedy but I am very scared of how that zipper would look after a while, and any stitching. I think a pochette that is only brought out now and then for special wearings would be a better idea, but I'm sure it's all going to look gorgeous at first!!
  14. Speedy 25 in June maybe if I love it, if not I'll head for Perle.
  15. I saw the new bowling Epi in Ivory this week at the S.F. store and it's sooo cute! Hoping it won't yellow with age. It's a very classy bag!