Who is buying more than one item before price increase?

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  1. My total is now 3 and counting... Black
    Empreinte Lumi, compact curieuse wallet, and new vernis key cles in amythyste. I'm so lv obsessed. Definitely on ban island after this. Most I ever spent in one visit to LV. But before this I haven't bought anything in 4 months so makes me feel better lol. Picking up my beauties in two days!
  2. I thought the new colors (amethyst) will not be released until the 15th? Wouldn't the price increase happen before that? I was under the impression that the increase would happen sometime the first week of March.

  3. Some of the new pieces in amethyst and other new colors are on the us site now :smile:
  4. You can purchase the amethyste items now on lv.com and some boutiques have them

  5. Did not know that! Thanks for making my bank account that much poorer. LOL
  6. congrats :smile:
  7. I bought 5 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393501793.006989.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393501809.718631.jpg
  8. Yep! I got the Louise clutch last week and the MC cosmetic case yesterday. In addition to a MC card holder and mon mono passport cover earlier this month. I'm done!
  9. I just got one before the price increase and it's the rose anglieque Alma in pm :smile:
  10. Yes. I bought an Artsy and Sarah wallet. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393510493.696211.jpg
  11. I bought two pieces! Favorite pm in monogram and neverfull de gm. And a woc from chanel. Officially on ban island
  12. I got a mono métis. Infini curieuse and picking up my speedy aurore on Saturday.

  13. I had the hardest time getting the Brown Glitter, it was sold out online forever.
    My boutique never had it when I went there. I had to call 1-866 on a return and had them get me both colors.
  14. I got the sc at the end of January because I thought the price increase would be early or mid February (and some charms + shawl), and I'm picking up thee black or infini empreinte speedy 30 reserved for me on Saturday! Can't wait!