Who in their right mind would pay this price...

  1. Somebody probably will b/c they don't do their research. I, *unfortunately*, know where everything is available, what colors they come in, what season things are from, how much it retails for, etc., but some Ebayers don't so they will pay over retail. The "selling over retail" thread has been killed before, but I personally don't see a problem with it b/c I often have things that are sold out and I have done my research. lol It's not my fault if you weren't quick enough or didn't bother to see where you could find things. KWIM?
  2. Your're right asha. I thought to myself that only a person who is not familiar with the prices would pay this much for these shoes. It was just taken aback when I saw this listing.
  3. What's even worse it how there was a pair of YSL tributes listed for 5k?! :confused1:

  4. I think that international buyers would be willing to pay over-retail prices because of the strong euro, especially since international buyers do not have access to the same retailers that Americans do.
  5. Uhh there is a huge chance this is fake....those are stock photos right???
  6. That's what I was thinking. I could just be paranoid though. But that does seem weird that they're using stock photos.
  7. Good point Kamilla.

  8. :yes: Like us poor souls in Australia.:sad:

  9. Very true. I "had" to pay way over retail for my yoyo's:cursing:
  10. The price is a bit outrageous, considering Architek is still available in stores. I've seen outrageous prices before (Natural Gas Girl comes to mind), but they were at least hard to find ones.

    What really shocked me a few days ago, was when I saw someone who bid & won a pair of CLs for like $260? or so, and tried to resell them for close to $500 saying they didn't fit?! I mean, I was like COME ON! People can see how much you got it for a couple weeks ago! It wasn't even a popular or htf style! Some markup I understand, but...that's just...
  11. This is very true about international buyers. I have sold many luxury items overseas this past year to int'l buyers that are expressing how hard it is to find certain styles and especially from sellers who will ship to their country. Sometimes eBay is their only outlet. I think people also have to remember that sellers have to add almost 10% to the price you paid just to break even due to eBay and paypal fees. So lets say these shoes came out to about $820 with tax and shipping out of pocket. You'd have to charge about $900 to break even with no profit because about $80 is going to eBay/paypal. The extra $99 is the profit on these shoes in that case....which isn't all that unreasonable in my opinion.