who in here like hercule poirot....?

  1. i know the show is not trendy and cool. but i love hercule poirot..... sometimes i see it on on the lower free chanel (not sure, maybe pbs???), i have also see it a couple of times on A&E.....
    i like his little attitude.... and he is also very smart....
    i think monk character in monk imitates him..... crazy ocd but super intelligent.
  2. I love EVERYTHING Agatha Christie; books, movies, Tv, etc. I do watch David Suchet's Poirot but I'll always love Peter Ustinov's wonderful portrayal on the big screen - "Evil Under the Sun" and "Death on the Nile","The Orient Express" to name a couple of classics.
  3. suzy.... you are the only person on pf who read agatha christie like me......
    isnt the orient express is the one with sean connery? i vaguely remember him in that movie.
  4. count me in too! i read most of Agatha Christie's book, TWICE. it is hard to catch any of the movies these days but i enjoyed Peter Ustinov's protrayal of Poirot! i now have some of her BBC Radio Collection audio books like "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding and The Mystery of the Spanish Chest" performed by Hugh Fraser on my MP3 player so that i can enjoy her stories when i go on some long flights. i don't like reading when i travel, so audio books are great!:P
  5. I am a huge Agatha Christie fan! My sis and I probably have all the books (almost!) between the two of us.
  6. Me too ladies! :biggrin: I first read Death on the Nile in high school, and have a bunch of her books. My friends used to tease me and say that only senior citizens read AG, (!) but I love Poirot and his "little grey cells"

    I've only caught a glimpse of the TV versions while flipping channels, though. Are they good guys? What channel are they usually shown on?
  7. No, I don't remember Sean Connery in it -Albert Finney played Poirot and extremely well, I might add. It was a great movie!!! (so many stars!, Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Bacall, Tony Perkins, Richard Widmark, etc.)
  8. In my area, I see theem on the BIOGRAPHY channel.
  9. Those are some of my favorite Agatha Christie's mysteries! I especially love Peter Ustinov's portrayal of Hercule Poirot...He makes the Belgian so endearing...his oval head, immaculately waxed moustache, and yes, those little "gray cells"...:smile:
  10. Me Me Me.....I loved the books from my teens. Watching the Orient Express made a huge impression on me. I was on the London Night Walking Tour where the guide showed us where he "apparently" lived. It was very nostalgic for me. I used to read several books a week growing up. Now I only have time for news and magazines (*sad*).
  11. I love Agatha Christie and Poirot is one of my favorite characters. David Suchet plays him to perfection. I also love Tommy and Tuppence, and Miss Marple.

    Sean Connery was in Murder on the Orient Express. He played Colonel Arbuthnot.
  12. I loved the books. In fact, I took French just so I could figure out what he was saying in his little side comments. However, am not such a fan of the show.

    I was a huge AC fan. I loved Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, BUT my favoriate was the Mysterious Mr. Quinn!

    Anybody remember that character?
  13. Oh dear, I completely forgot him, not much of a fan, perhaps thats why.:shrugs: :shrugs: