Who here has beauty marks?

  1. Who here has beauty marks/moles? How many do you have?

    I have around 10+ and theyre all over the place! Sometimes I find some I never knew were there. .theres 2 on my hand, one on my shoulder, 1 on my backside (lol), 5 on my face and neck, 3 on my feet/toes. .

    My mom says each one is supposed to mean something, all of them are NOT necessarily good either :sad:. The one of my shoulder means I will endure hard times, the ones on my forehead indicate smarts, the ones on my face are for beauty, the one on my hand means I spend money too easily (on bags of course! LOL) etc. .What do yours mean?
  2. I have lots! I wish I knew what they all meant. I have one on my middle finger, 2 small ones on the right side of my mouth, one small one on my left boob, one on my foot (I have been told it's because I like to travel/go out a lot). and others that I cannot see. =X
  3. One on each of middle fingers
    One on the left corner of my mouth
    One below my right eye outer
    One on the cheek bone, the higher part
    One on my right ear
    One on my right foot
    One above my boob
    and one on my right inner thigh
    and one on my left inner thigh

    I have no idea what they mean... LOL
  4. Well . . . not counting the two I had removed (one on my back, one on my chest . . . . they were fine, but iffy looking . . . . .)

    I have one on my finger (the second from the pinkie).

    One on my right shoulder.

    One on my right cheek.

    All the rest are freckles.
  5. I have them all over! I like my beauty mark on my face, though. It is between my lips and chin, to the left.
  6. Too many to count. I have two on my face -- one above my lip and one in the middle of my cheek. I love them.
  7. a decent amount.

    I have two on my face, I love one and hate the other. :smile:

    no idea what they mean though.
  8. I have atleast 15 all over my body. I have one on my middle right cheek,it reminds me of the one Maryln M, used to have I love it:love:
  9. i have lots i can't even bother to count them. i used to hate them when i was a child, but now i'm like eh whatever. take em or leave em.
  10. The kind I have are called Cfe au Lait. Which means coffee with milk. Depending on the numbr a person have they might think the person has a neurological disorder called nf. I went thru hell about it as a kid, basicaly bcuz htey hadn't isolated the gene yet to be test but now they have.

    I havea pretty big one on my right inner thigh almost all the way up by my cortch and a couple on arm and legs.
  11. I have two on my face and about 12 scattered throughout my body mostly on my legs
  12. i have like 5-6 on my face, they are like part of me so i can't be bother with them, just hope that they don't have bad meaning. yes, i do have a mole under both my feet, i heard that it means that i will travel all the time which i do coz my hubby is in the airline industry. i also heard that moles on your back are no good, kinda like carrying burden all the time, well, that's what my mum tells me.
  13. All of the dozens I have just mean 1) I'm a member of my family and 2) I have to be especially vigilant in checking for melanoma. :smile:
  14. I have too many to count. Most of them I got when I was very young.
  15. I've got a ton of them! The one on my face used to bug me the most when I was younger cuz no one else in school had one. It's the same exact spot where Cindy Crawford has hers. I'm so used to it now that I don't even notice it when I look in the mirror. I also have one on my bum! LOL. What is the meaning of that one??