Who has the MJ Mouse shoes? Help!!!

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  1. I want to get one but I've never seen what the authentic one looks like. There are so many on eBay, and don't want to get a fake one. Can someone who has it, post pics for me on here? Or just tell me what I'm supposed to be looking for.

    Thanks!! :yahoo:
  2. We have them at Browns in Montreal and they are SO cute!!! I tried them on and they are very comfortable. The only thing is the price: 450$. Is the price the same in US? Honestly, I think its a little bit too expensive for flats. Maybe its less expensive in CA...
  3. They can fake these ? :S
  4. i have a grey patent pair:

    i would really advise not buying these on eBay. i haven't seen a real pair on eBay in months and i've never seen a real grey patent pair. most are pretty bad fakes but there are some good ones. they've even started faking the new cow print ones.

    i'm pretty sure you cannot buy the patent ones from last season anywhere but this season they have the pony hair ones. shoes.com has them on sale & you can get an extra 25% off with a lucky code this month.
  5. The ones on ebay are all fake. Shopbop is selling them if you're looking for real ones.

    BTW, size up a half size when you order.
  6. They're cute, but I'm afraid the pony hair may eventually fall out....anyone notice this yet?
  7. I haven't, but I only wear mine to the office and home. It's not like I go stomping through fields in them.
  8. Bluebee is selling them in black and camel :
  9. I have a pair in black patent leather - I would also recommend ordering them a half size up.
  10. Zappos has them too
  11. I bought a black pair at Macy's last week for $174 excl. tax!

    I think they still have the promotion where if you buy 2 pairs of shoes you get 25% off each pair ( My friend bought a pair of shoes too). Also, since the only pair they had in my size was the display model, I asked for a discount and they gave me an additional 10% off! I also opened up a Macy's credit card account and got an additional 20% off all purchases as well!

    Bloomingdales also had a deal where if you buy one pair of shoes you get the second pair half off. I'm not sure if it's still ongoing though, but I saw the mouse flats there too.