who has the josephine gm or pm???

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  1. Can any of these two fit on your shoulder??? Is the GM way too big??? Pls help, modeling pics would be great:yes:
  2. sorry, no modelling pics but here's my mum's PM next to her Speedy30 to give you an idea about the size:

    some find the GM too big - almost like carry-on. my mum also got the optional shoulder strap and it works better than carrying a bulky bag under your arm. i hope this helps.
  3. i have the Josephine PM, and it fits just fine on my shoulder :yes:

  4. Sandra, you look gorgeous.. Love the whole combi!
  5. thanks :love::shame:!
  6. I have the Josie PM and there is NO way she is fitting on my shoulder - also way too bulky to be comfortable there IMO. I am a petite 5-feet tall, size 6-8 (NOT slender and model-ish like yeuxhonnetes).
  7. I have the pm and it does fit my shoulder but not comfortably. I'm petite but not thin like yeuxhonnetes :roflmfao: :sweatdrop:
  8. I am 1.63m. My PM doesn't fit on my shouder.
  9. I think the GM is a really big tote bag, but it fits on the shoulder fine.
  10. I am lean, but still find the PM too uncomfortable and strange looking on the shoulder, since it's supposed to be handheld anyway.
  11. Thanks all! But does anyone have the GM???

    Sandra you are just too thin:nuts: ...but hey I wish I was that thin:shame: