Who Has The Ice Blue Balenciaga?!?!??!?!

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  1. PICTURESSS PLEASSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! and any idea how i can get a hold of it in canada? and.... for my 'ultimate bag' i was thinking maybe one of the white balenciagas..but...thought it'd get dirty really easily.. but maybe ice blue would be better? maybe..? :love:
  2. I have an ice blue city.

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  3. Loganz, that is one beautiful bag. Orinoco, Holts on Bloor had some B bags white and olive for sure, many styles. One of the forum members got one in Van.
  4. It was Moe, I am pretty sure she bought a Balenciaga in Vancouver at Holts.
  5. oh i love that color! beautiful bag loganz! i am beginning to think we need a jealous smile face :lol:
  6. it's moe who bought the white one in van?? HAhhaha... i was on 2nd hold for the white one about 3 weeks back! :P maybe it's the same one! but yeah.. i remember there's an olive one left in holt's in van... no more whites tho.. :blink: don't particularly like the one in olive... and the SA i was talking to in holts never even heard of the ice blue :suspiciou. she was lookin at me like i was insane when i described it to her.
  7. loganz... ur bag is TO DIE FOR.... *sigh* *faints*
  8. That is gorgeous, Loganz!
  9. Thanks for the bag-compliments ladies...I just seem to fall for these light colored b-bags. I wish there was a way to keep the string on the handles clean. :worried:

    Would you believe I have entertained the notion of buying a "back-up" if I see one on Ebay, just so I can have the ice blue city for as long as humanly possible. :P
  10. There is one up for sale in the Marketplace forum here. Good luck!
  11. :amazed: where, I don't see it. :amazed:
  12. Where?!?!?!
  13. s'ok! =D got me hyperventilating there for a moment