Who has the Eugenie wallet and do you love it?

  1. I purchased a Vernis Koala about a week and a half ago and while it is a beautiful wallet it just didn't work for me. I am now selling it and considering getting the Eugenie wallet. I like larger wallets and this looks perfect. It has lots of CC slots and a spot for bills. Are there any other slots other than the bill slot, I can't tell from the pictures.

    I just want to make sure this is the wallet I want before I make this purchase. Those of you that have this wallet, is there anything you dislike about this wallet or that makes it difficult to use?

  2. I have the Eugenie and have been using it for about 6 months. To be honest, its not my favorite because I am use to smaller wallets. It holds alot though, and besides lots of credit card slots, there are more pockets on the front and behind the id window.
  3. I've had mine for about 6 months too. I am enjoying mine. It took some getting used to since I am left-handed and it's designed for a right-handed person. It's a good size, not as big as the MC PTI....that sucker is HUGE! I sold that one.
  4. I bought it 5MO ago and I am still in the process of switching over from my groom wallet to this one. I like how it has an ID window and I am sure I will love it once I actually start using it.

    Good luck on your purchase!!!
  5. I love this wallet, it has a lot of cc slots! I love it because it has a rear pocket for coins, slot for bills and an ID window, only neg I can think of is the peice of vacheta on the front is prone to transfer, it really is the best wallet!
  6. I just got this wallet and I really like it. If you like large and longish wallet, you'll like this. Initially I wanted the alexandra wallet, which also has lots of CC slots and ID window, but I chose the eugenie because its slimmer and of course very beautiful. However, since the design is not like other conventional wallets, it opens up rather large. I have small hands (5'2'', 110lbs) and am still getting used to holding it when paying for stuff. But I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. I love it. The vachetta on it is very minimal and generally not prone to getting dirty. I can post pics if you like.
  7. hope this helps
  8. I love the Eugenie. I have to admit this wallet is thick and does not fit into my smaller handbag as I carry a good amount of stuff other than my wallet. I have a Chanel medium classic flap and this wallet pretty much takes most of the space. I have a smaller leather wallet that I switch to when I want to use smaller bag.

    But I still love the Eugenie since it fits all the cards I need and has an ID window. It's better than carrying a smaller wallet and an extra card holder IMO.
  9. Depends if you'd be comfortable using a large tri-fold wallet.

    It wasn't for me, so it was a toss between the pochette wallet and the zippy. And the zippy won because of the extra space for lotsa receipts :smile:
  10. I don't have the Euginie wallet but tried it for quite a while in the store, and it was very wronge for me.

    Maybe because I am left handed, but whenever I tried it on, it seemed to be 'upside down' and the pocket at the bottom so everythinh would fall out.

    Even the S.A. said he didn't like the design, and a lot of people didn't.

    I ended up with a Zippy, and am delighted with how it works.
  11. The Eugenie looks beautiful but when you carry a ton of stuff and receipts you kind of want them hidden...that's why the zippy wallet (which I have) works so well...it is not as cute as the Eugenie...is more plain...but definetely works better than all the other wallets I have.
  12. Thanks for all the responses everyone. I ended up going to LV this morning and bought the wallet. I have a Mezzo so fitting it in there isn't a problem. I am 6' tall so it being large isn't really a problem. I love all the cc slots and I like how the bill area opens up. I had the koala but found the bill area awkward, almost backwards and was difficult for me to get money out of. I hope that I will be happy with my new wallet and it is definitely beautiful.
  13. ^^^ yay, congrats! It is a gorgeous wallet ... post pics when you can!