1. I'm not really on the coach thread however, i was at the mall today and I went into the coach store and saw the gold coach dog carrier and thought it was SO CUTE!!!!! i actually fell in love with it..i couldn't find the price tag on it but i looked on the internet and it was $495....i actually was guessign the price to be $395..well i was $100 dollars off..lol. anyway, i have a dog and thought it would be nice to buy and not to mention other dog carriers out there such as the Louis Vuitton one and the Gucci one is WAAAY over priced. I was wondering if anyone has this carrier and how do you like it?

    I actually didn't have the chance to look inside and see all the pockets or anything..... =( and the website only has one photo...
  2. The inside is pink. I was thinking about it also but my dog is a boy and he doesn't like pink! But sorry, that's all I know!