Who has seen the Monocles Rabat?

  1. I was browsing through eluxury and I came across this: http://eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=11325193&SectionID=6000

    Is it new? I've never seen it before. I wonder how useful it is. Anyone seen it or have one? Is there a pocket/slot inside or does "internal pocket" simply refer to the main compartment. I want to see if a razar would fit in there.
  2. That is kind of cute. I might have to check that one out!
  3. too cute, i think the razr might fit.
  4. I just purchased a Monocles Rabat but it will arrive in a week or two. I like the fact that it can carry alot of cards, etc. and is a bit bigger than a cles. I'll probably use the Rabat with my pochette!
  5. I have one...it does have an internal pocket...so it's got 2 compartment inside. I use it for school stuff (my office keys, my ID card, and spare cash for the vending machines)! That way I'm not always dragging my whole purse around while on campus.
  6. its so cute, but I have no idea what I could use it for.

  7. Can you fit a razr cell phone in it?
  8. I have it, I use it for store my car key (& the car remote).

    Ok, just double check. I don't think it fits your razr, since it's not wide enough.
  9. ^^
    Thx for letting me know!
  10. Ditto on the thanks!! ;)