Who has a Monogram Sophie? Sophie or Alma? Which one?

  1. I was just wondering if you tpfers could kindly tell me the dimensions of the sophie and describe it detail:smile:.
    I just put my name on the waitlist in Hawaii for the damier sophie due to be out in august. Is it a limited edition?

    I just bought a damier alma because i freaked about the price increase. I then found out that the alma wasn't going to be affected by it. Now I think I'll be returning the alma since the sophie will be coming out in august. Tell me your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. The Sophie is very tiny and is probably about the size of the Epi pochette, give or take a bit and can be worn as a pochette on your shoulder or with the longer strap it comes with. It is in fact LE and I would get one if you get the chance to. :yes:
  3. thanks lvbabydoll. i love it in monogram i wonder if it looks good in damier. i tried to put my name on 2 stores, but they said i could only put my name on 1. so...........i am keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!:sweatdrop:
  4. You're welcome! I'm sure it'll look really nice in Damier as well, I would just think of the Hampstead (since it has the plaque) and just imagine it smaller, like a pochette. I bet it'll be gorgeous. :yes:
    Good luck getting one, at least you got to put your name down!
  5. I would get the sophie.
  6. lvfanaddict - have you purchased a bag in Hawaii before? I was told that I couldn't purchase from a Hawaian store since I'd never purchased from one before and wasn't in their database. I reaaalllly want the Damier Sophie too (I already have the monogram) but am unsure where I'm going to be able to get one. I purchased the monogram one on eBay from a tpf'er.

    I'm in the Bay area too btw!
  7. if i could get my hand on a sophie i would definitely get one...its LE, good price and its super cute
  8. i have a Sophie and i love it. get that one first because it's extremely difficult to come by now; you can get the Alma any other time
  9. i'll go for sophie and epi in alma.

    def get the sophie first
  10. You can't compare the Sophie and The Alma. Sophie is really small. Wider than a Pochette but not as deep (tall). It doesn't hold much and when you put too many things into it it looks "stuffed." It is a beautiful bag though.

    Good luck in getting one. They're hard to get.
  11. I just saw one on eBay that sold for $410 on July 2. Another one sold for $799 yesterday. If you keep your eyes open on eBay, you'll probably find one.
  12. This seller is super suspicious. I had researched him/her while it was up for auction. They sold a cheap and fake hudson under a different username.