Who has a Camel Carly in Leather?

  1. I am now the proud owner of 3 Carly's. Now how did that happen...PCE? Yep..for two anyway. The new addition is my only medium leather bag besides the black carryall from the outlet. I now have them lined up on the table. I wonder if any of you have the Camel leather and find it very neutral and easy to keep clean. Being curious I emptied my Brown signature and the Camel and you would not believe this...the weight between the signature and the leather empty is only about 4 oz heavier for the leather. And I think it is some kind of vintage for it is not cleanable except with water. With my things in it, it will probably feel the heavier. So the hardware is the weight in this bag primarily. When I heard there would be a brown leather Carly having already ordered the camel and the chocolate, I wondered if it would be dark, dark brown with a black strap. Here in Florida we are so casual that neutrals, whites or brown/black go all year round. So who loves the Camel leather Carly? Thanks!!!!
  2. I have it in large and I LOVE IT! I just got the matching wristlet in the mail today! I think it looks great with everything...from my jeans to my suits.

    I have several other camel colored bags from Coach and have had an easy time keeping them clean.

    Once, I was at a picnic and my fine handbag was sitting on a picnic table between another woman and me. It wasn't very close to her, but I noticed later that there was a grease spot on the side where she was sitting. Obviously, she wasn't a very neat eater! I was very upset. :cursing::mad:I came home and used my Coach cleaner and moisturizer then put the bag away. A few days later, I reached for it and the stain was gone. The bag still looks brand new and I carry it frequently, especially in the spring/summer months.

    Back to the Carlys though. I have the large black leather one too. I get lots of compliments on both. LOVE my CARLYS!
  3. I do, I do! I have the large one.

    The camel is such a nice, year-round colour. I am a bit paranoid about getting it dirty, though. The other day on the bus, there was a woman sitting next to me writing in a notebook and everytime she lifted her pen up it came sweeping past my bag. I kept pulling it farther away from her because I was so worried she'd get a pen mark on it! I'm sure she thought I was nuts.

    Anyway, I have noticed some colour transfer from my dark denim jacket and jeans but it wipes off with a baby wipe. I also sprayed the bag with some generic leather protector.

    The only thing that really annoys me about the Carly is that it's so slouchy that it's almost impossible to get into. The strap is so heavy that it kind of pulls the whole top of the bag in on itself and I'm constantly having to yank it open to find anything inside. It annoys me so much that I'm finding I'm not using it as much as I would otherwise :sad:. That's just me, though. I'm quickly discovering that I'm not a zipper-top kind of person. I much prefer open-top bags like the shoulder tote and ergo.
  4. The large one is on my Wishlist along with the Black Ali and a White Hippe and the Turquoise Ergo. I think that's enough for right now, LOL!
  5. I had the medium but just sent her away to a new home! I had no real use for her after getting my vintage ergo hobo. The colors & styles are different enough but I figured I'd get a darker color carly later. While I had her though, I loved her! The leather was easy to keep clean but it didn't get dirty very often anyway! And the saddle trim is gorgeous! Oh, and I love the yellow lining inside!
  6. I love the camel carly! Congrats on getting one. I would not mind adding that to my collection.
  7. It is very very pretty and I have the medium. My DH said it looked like it belonged on a hotdog...acccck mustard...no comment here. It is a bit heavier than my chocolate Carly signature, but the signature seems to slouch very nicely and hold its shape so far. I will just have to look at her a while and get used to the color...I like totes too, so easy to get into..but for EVERYBODY.....Thanks!!!
  8. I do love that vintage ergo hobo and I gravitate towards it with a real love in the store as the legacy..but my trusted SA said it was too heavy for me..I do not know the whys of that, for she had absolutely no thought about the Carly leather and the hardware for me. And, that was before I knew it came in chocolate leather. What do you think which is heavier since you had both. I have it in the medium..thanks!!! :tup:
  9. I kind of have triplets here right now, khaki and gold Carly, chocolate brown signature and the Camel, Sort of oinkish, don't you think? LOL :okay:
  10. I love your mermaid Bethie..yes that is a nice wish list...wish we all could get what our wants are on a wishlist in all things.. But, I wonder if that would be enough..or would we want more? hmmmm. :smile:
  11. OOH twins too like me...triplets actually. They are truly lovely bags. I have to load mine up light for me..and they are fine...Thanks!!!. They can be wiped with a baby wipe, not moisterizer I was told, the leather ones anyway...or water...Thank you for your advice...
  12. Honestly, my Carly was harder for me to carry than the hobo is. The Carly slipped off my shoulder and it was harder to 'hike' it up behind my arm, if you kwim. The ergo hobo sits nicer on my shoulder and I can sling it up behind my arm if needed so it rests more on my back than on my shoulder. I carried less stuff in my Carly too because it's a bit smaller but I'm thinking that if I carried the same amount in my ergo hobo (take out the extra junk I've thrown in because it's bigger!) it'd be even more comfortable for me. I went shopping one day with my Carly and by the end of the day, my shoulder was a bit sore because of the Carly slipping of my shoulder so much. I had to keep it on my shoulder by hooking my thumb onto the strap to stabilize it. Does that make sense? So then of course, I walked around 1/2 the day with my arm bent and that got sore too! Of course, this is just my personal experience and I think it depends on our body type etc. If your Carly doesn't slip off your shoulder than you should be OK with it.