Who else loves the vernis ?

  1. I just got the Malibu St in Pearle .. its so lovely I just adore the look of the vernis. Does anyone else feel the way I do about the line ? I know it's more high matinence but it just classy.

    BTW - i am not tech apt can every one see my babies:love: as my avitar?- I hope I did it right ( i'm such a spaz)
  2. I like it A LOT, but don't have any pieces yet!
  3. Cute kittycats! And yes, I really like the vernis!
  4. I love Vernis, but I don't find it as sturdy as other LV lines. In fact, it is the most delicate to me. You run your bag into the doorframe on the way into the house, for example, and you might pick up a little "line" of paint on it. Most of my vernis stuff is for admiring, not as much for "using." Although the small leather goods (wallets, etc...) can usually be kept pretty safe from damage since they are inside your bag. ;)
  5. The Malibu and the key pouch in pearle is the extent for me so far , but i adore them ... Thanks for the complements about my little babies ! (( I am so close to being the crazy old cat lady at 26, they are my children ))
  6. i do agree there , i love the look but I think I will only be using mine for evening, or other events like that where it wont get hurt, and not very often.... but its pretty!!:love:
  7. I like them. I only have one piece in it though a smallish half moon shape bag in graphite (forget the name of it but I some years back when the line first came out). They are pretty bags. The Malibu Street is very cute and the pearl color is lovely. Congratulations.
  8. I love vernis. I agree w/Caannie...it's more of an "admiring" quality with those bags. When I carry my bedford, I'm afraid I'm going to bang it against something and get it dirty.
  9. My LV Tompkins Square in Bronze is the pride and joy of my bag collection! The color is amazing! I love the shine. I have people literally stop me everywhere I go when I carry it. Especially ladies at the LV boutiques. Even the LV SAs go ga-ga over it!

    I love the Vernis line! I should add a wallet......... ;)
  10. thanks! I despratly want more , but I do need to start replacing my "everyday" selection since I amstarting again almost from scratch. Graphite color sounds really pretty... do you have pics?
  11. Love the reade pm, bedford, the pti and key cles. I think the indigo/red is a nice fall/ winter color :smile: and love the new framboise(sp) along with the fuchsia, it's a nice summer color.

  12. The color really matters with Vernis as well as to how it holds up. Grey/silver vernis tends to oxidize and turn yellow/greenish. Rose vernis tends to get fading/light spots, as does the yellow. The baby blue was the worst color every made... it turns seafoam green over time!!

    Bronze, fuchsia and violet seem to hold up well, and I am sure the newer colors will as well. Bronze is especially nice and resists damage well. I have a bronze briefcase (Vandam) and a Vendredi diary cover.
  13. The SA even told me that it would start to yellow if it was in the sun to much,I am going to try to be so careful with her , only use her for special occasions
  14. I love the vernis line. I just bought the Mott in rouge and a matching ludlow two days ago. I :love: it but am womdering about the gradation of color in time. Do you think the red holds up well? I am looking to buy another in the vernis line or the epi but still not yet decided.
  15. yea i agree, the vernis end up "wrinkling" so it looks all bumpy after use. I havent had any problems with the marshmallow turning colors though.