Who else loves the Giant Hobo?

  1. I love it so much! I definitely want it for my next purchase, and I actually like that it doesn't have tassels. The tassels on mine are completely ruined from toteing it around Paris nonstop for four days... I would be nice not to have to worry about that! I love it in aqua. It's funny because I didn't like gold hardware at first - and I still don't to some extent, on some bags- but on the hobo I love it! :drool: What is everyone elses opinion?
  2. I really want to get it in aqua but afraid it will be too big, i'm only 4 feet 11. does anyone have pics modeling it who is about my height?
  3. I totally agree with you - I love it in that style and its actually that that has turned me to hunt down one in the GH!
  4. I :heart: LOVE:heart: the Hobo style but not the GH! I really hope they make it with RH.
  5. I love love love it!!!!!!!! I have it in Aqua and am thinking about more colours! I agree I love the fact it actually has no tassles to get ruined, i wasnt a big fan of GH but am now sold on this bag!
  6. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I love it. It's really comfy. MUCH more comfortable than the Day.
  7. I love it, too! Waiting for the white with silver gh to come out. :love:
  8. does it come in vert gazon?
  9. :yes: I love it too...the aqua is tdf...but I have 2 aquas
    and one has to go...but the hobo is definately my style even in the GH.:heart:
  10. I lLOVE it...Powder's pictures put me over the edge, as usual...
  11. i really liked the giant hobo but when i tried it on it was almost too wide for me?? i ended up getting the gh day which fit just perfectly:smile:
  12. I love the style but can't see myself with the gold hardware. I think there's a good chance I'll want one with silver hardware.
  13. I have an aqua hobo on order...I hope it's not too big for me I'm only 5'2"
  14. :yahoo: No way, they are not too big because
    it is a hobo-slouchy fit-just perfect.
    Even for a smaller person.
    I love mine...:p
  15. I LOVE the giant hobo. I'm not a fan of the GH on most bags but I think it actually looks really good on the hobo. I'm saving up to buy one (hopefully in a couple weeks). Now I just need to decide which color to get...