Who else is sick of Juicy Couture?

  1. I am so tired of seeing these gaudy Juicy Couture hooded sweatshirts everywere I go!
    The people that I've seen at my school who wear Juicy Couture seem to think that it makes them look wealthy and chic but don't realize that the lable is just wearing them.
    And this isn't true only of Juicy Couture (or teenagers, for that matter).
    Any opinions?
  2. I'm a bit older than you so I don't get overwhelmed by all my classmates wearing the same thing anymore...but believe me, back in my day it was the same (only juicy hadn't bee invented yet!). Personally I've never been much of a "Sheep". The more people wear it or do it or say it, the less likely I am to find anything attractive about it.

    "Just be yourself...that's what's really cool!"---Starsky (Ben Stiller) :smile:
  3. Well I still wear juicy couture sweatsuits and especially!!!! to school not because I want people to think I am wealthy but because they were sweatsuits and conformtable. My university is in NYC and I have a lot of classes, I dont live on campus and it is the most comfortable to travel in and be in all day. Juicy couture isn't only for teenagers at all. And the brand isn't wearing you because its not like it says juicy all over you, there are plenty of replica or other velour tracksuits. If you say the juicy brand is "wearing you" then is Balenciaga, LV, and Chloe also wearing you. I feel like I wear my clothes not vice versa.
  4. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I wasn't necessarily refering to EVERYTHING Juicy Couture, but I'm sure you've seen the tracksuits that do say Juicy Couture almost everywhere you can put it. And as far as your last comment, I do think that the "status" bags like the Paddington, Balenciaga, and monogramed Louis Vuitton bags wear the person because (at least this is my opinion), if someone wears something so gaudy that it is so obviously one specific designer then it does wear them because all you see are the clothes, not the person inside them. I don't have a problem with monograms, just as long as they're not "Look at me, look at me" huge. And I never said that Juicy Couture was only for teenagers, although I've never seen someone over 25 wearing the brand.
  5. Well, that is, aside from a lot of celebrities when they don't have their stylist put their outfits together.
  6. I wear mine to school just like you stated ^
    haha... Well I dont know how you percieve those gals wearing the Juicy suits at school but I think its comfy and its easy.
    I'm not fond of wearing heels and fancy tops to school so I find juicy a perfect choice.

    But no doubt Juicy is not a *hot* new thing anymore its been around for awhile now...
  7. I'm not sick of Juicy Couture...I have a few track suits (just the velour tops) and a couple smaller bags and I love 'em! And I love the jewelry! The items with the huge "Juicy" logos aren't really my style (on bags or clothes) but the more understated things are just enough zing for my wardrobe!
  8. BTW - Its sad to think your clothes make you look wealthy because no clothes no bags should ever make you "LOOK" wealthy
  9. Juicy couture has great quality clothing. I have tracksuits that are 5 years old and look great, cashmere sweaters that last a while and jeans that fit great. I dont think any of my juicy items actully say JUICY on them. I don't think people wear them to look "WEALTHY" I mean how do you look wealthy in a tracksuit.

    I know many over 25 year olds that wear juicy couture and juicy tracksuits. MANY almost everyone I Know and they are all 25 have juicy sweats. They are used to run errands in, go to school, take their kids to school, grocery shopping.

    The have been around so long i doubt they were go out of style because it is a tracksuit , something that is a closet must.

    I can understand wearing a birkin and you look wealthy because it is a status bag but not a track suit.
  10. I don't have any tracksuits, and I still think they are a fresh sight. I'm too overweight to wear one now, but I have decided that the first things I'm gonna get when I've reached my ideal weight is a nice pair of designer jeans and a juicy couture velour suit, and I can't wait! :smile:
  11. I love juicy couture!,whats wrong with it?. I love their knee highs,hoodies,sweats,jeans,and tops!. I DONOT wear juicy to look "wealthy", I wear it because their stuff is comfy,and good quality. I just try not do do the "logo overload". All of my hoodies do not say "JUICY",they just have the J pull zipper. My shirts have the Juicy slogans,and the juicy logo..then again im only 17,so its fine if I wear a shirt with a logo on it. Nothing annoys me more when I see mothers with children in middle school wearing logo shirts...its so gaudy:cursing:
  12. I have seen more women over the age of 25 wearing juicy including me.
  13. I currently do not own any juicy track suits, but I do own some non designer brands, which are equally cute and comfy. I think juciy makes a lot of cute clothing right now. I don't necessarily think people wear them to look wealthy, but more for their cute and comfy factor.
  14. Aw! My town isn't known for its sense of fashion, so Juicy never really caught on over here. Maybe that's why I haven't had a chance to get sick of it, but --

    From what I've seen of them, I really like them. I wouldn't wear it to look wealthy, but I would wear it to look chic. It is! I like comfortable clothing, and if the clothing looks good, all the better!
  15. I just bought a couple of juicy pants, not because to make me look wealthy, but to make me look a little more put together then sweat pants! and the colours.. i love their jewel tones. i havent found other type of pants with such rich and sumptuous hues that don't just fade and wash out.