Who else is obsessed with accessories? ‍♀️

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  1. I have been on an accessory kick lately! Mainly bag charms..such beautiful craftsmanship & detail. Really loving adorable Vivienne! Here are some of my new goodies
    1C0E5075-902E-436B-8E54-29B39547FF94.jpeg 25B65380-00B5-474A-9AF9-018E24075728.jpeg 8C6BFAA1-D399-4B29-8369-19DDC0B92D9F.jpeg 297DC790-15EC-4254-9868-6627E3345A9F.jpeg

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  2. Great collection.
    I saw the one with the sunglasses on instagram today for the first time and it's very cheerful. I love the colors.
  3. Beautiful, they’re all very nice. Vivienne is darling!
  4. Thank you! I am loving that one in particular for summer!
  5. She’s so cute I love her!
  6. Bag charms can be addicting! Love your collection!
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