Who does not have a speedy??

  1. Seems like everyone has one, whether its the mono, mc,denim, or epi.......
    I do not own a speedy of any kind. feel like a minority :shame:
  2. I don't have one!
  3. I just ordered my first Speedy from eluxury. I think the Speedy is one of those essential items we all must have in our closet. My next purchase is a LV suitcase. I'm trying to get a good deal.
  4. I don't have a Speedy. I don't think I'll ever have a Speedy to be honest. I think it's just the saggy factor that bugs me--in the mono. And it's not as practical since it's a handbag. Plus they're EVERYWHERE.
  5. no speedy here!! :smile:
  6. I am not the current owner of one but over the years, I've had two. The first was given to my as a 1 year anniversary gift from my husband, years ago. Then I purchased another one and carried it until I grew tired of the style. I think I gave it to my mom.......

    I like Speedys but there are so many other styles I like much better.
  7. I dont have one, although it was either a speedy or my papillion. Im trying to get a cerise speedy though! Im not sure if I will ever find one !
  8. i don't. not anymore. got rid of mine to make room for others.
  9. I don't have one and have no desire to get one.
  10. Well I'm dangerously close to selling mine hee hee, so I'll be wth ya Moe
  11. Me. But I do want one very much! :sad2:
  12. i don't yet, but i'm getting one...
  13. Its the only 1 of 2 designer bags I have left at the moment. Love it! You should try one.
  14. I don't! Hopefully I can get mine this summer.
  15. I had one but sold it after using it probably less than 15 times.