Who bought the bubbles jewelry (pics)

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  1. Did anyone buy anything from this yet? I think it's kind of weird! If you did, please share pics :graucho:




  2. Couturegrl thought I should get the earrings when we saw them last night, but I think it is more suited for someone very small and fair. Do you have the earrings?
  3. everything here is soo cute! but the bracelets look uncomfortable...
  4. Not sure, but I'm guessing the accessories addicts Rebecca and Lulu. LOL!
  5. :roflmfao:

    I know Lulu has the bubble earrings!
  6. Sab, I have the earrings. I agree, the shape of the ring/bracelet looks really weird! I tried on the ring and it didn't fit my fingers properly (I wear a ring size of 5 or 5.5). I've yet to try on the bracelet though because I haven't seen them in my boutique.
  7. Hi Jenny! Boy are we up early...haha!
  8. haha! it is quite early huh? here's to hoping I (or we, but I assume youre at work?) dont waste the day away. Lucky you Lulu, you dont have to deal with wacky finals on Sat anymore :sad:
  9. Yep, I'm at work. So I'm feeling somewhat productive :sneaky: I have work tomorrow as well :Push: But at least it's the only Saturday out of the entire year that we have to come in! Good luck with your finals Jen!
  10. Thanks Lulu! Have fun at work!

  11. Lol when my store gets them in, I'll be getting the dark pink ring. Maybe the earrings..Natalie was trying to talk me into them lol.
  12. I really love the earrings...I just wish that they were alittle bigger!