Whitney Port Riding Boots - I'm Obsessed

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  1. #1 Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
    OK, I know there is a plethora of riding boots to choose from but I want THESE. Please help ID!

    Many thanks!

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  2. Do you have another picture? I think they may be Loeffler Randall, but without seeing the sides I can't tell.
  3. Thank you both! The only image I have is from Singer 22's site - under Memers Only (the jacket she is wearing). I thought they could be the Joie too...
  4. So maybe it's just me, but it looks like there's a strap that goes over the ankle part of the boot? You could always check out frye boots, too-they have so many variations, including a boot with straps over the ankles!
  5. If you're wanting real field boots go to the Dover Saddlery website www.doversaddlery.com. You can get a better fit and better quality boot if you go with the real thing. They also have sizing charts for the different brands to get close to a custom fit. I'd recommend the Ariats or the Grand Prix.
  6. Thank you - upon closer inspection I did see lace up detail in the front. I actually have Dover bookmarked just in case. Thank you, everyone!
  7. Gotta agree with you...those are gorgeous!