Whitney on crack??

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  1. Have you ever watched Being Bobby Brown ? (a reality show on her life with Bobby Brown ) Its awful she is high all the time, and so is Bobby. Its a shame what she has chosen to do with her life and talent.
  2. She has to be!!!!! I lol every time I hear, "Crack is whack!" HAHAHAHHAHAHHA!:lol:
  3. Eeeeeeeeeeek!
  4. Scary!
  5. addiction is such a horrible, serious condition. I hope her rock bottom hits soon and that it's not deadly. coming from entertainment (actually worked with Whitneys record label back in the 90s) I saw this happen too often. lots of people got help and are clean now. lots of people are also dead. just shows you how powerful drugs are that you can throw your whole life away - reason and common sense just disappear.:sad2:
  6. It's clear she's on it or something equally as fatal IMO.
    Wasn't she rushed to the ER within the last couple of years w/ blood shooting from her nose?
    She's really ruined her life and career, so sad. Such an AMAZING talent is being wasted :sad:
    I feel VERY sad for her little girl :sad:
  7. She has such a beautiful voice. Such a waste of great talent!
  8. that is not good.
  9. The crack rumors have been going for years...it's such a shame and waste of beautiful talent.
  10. Its her daughter I feel sorry for - what must it be like growing up around that?
  11. That's really sad. I used to really like her. She's got a great voice!!!
  12. That is just so sad. I hope she gets some help or she's going to die from it. I feel very sorry for her daughter.
  13. That is really sad. Such a waste of talent, and that poor girl... awful!
  14. Whitney has one of the most awesome voices ever IMO. I really hope she gets it together but I can't imagine being married to BB is a cake walk.