Whitening products - what are they?

  1. Hi there,

    I've seen ads for whitening products here and there, and was wondering, well, what exactly are they supposed to do? Fade away your freckles and acne scars? Even out your complexion? Whiten your skin color? I'm confused!

    Also, do they really work? Just curious. My complexion could certainly stand for some improvement.

  2. Whitening products, which are very popular with asian people (especially the chinese, japanese and korean) are NOT skin bleaches-i.e. they do not make you into michael jackson if you're dark skinned. Whitening products is to help even out your complexion and give it a gorgeous transluscent skin boost. Products that I highly recommend: (note that SKII has come under fire that the minerals and metals can be absorbed into the body and poison it.) Clarins Whitening range, Shiseido Lucent range, Clinique Derma White range and Kiehl's Brightening range. I've used certain products from these ranges, and I find that Kiehl's and Clarins have come out tops for me.

  3. [vogue] -- thank you SO much! I'm intrigued. :yes:
  4. So true...anywhere in asia you will see rows of products....ironic here in the states we have rows of tan products, and they have rows of whitning products...just goes to show, different strokes..
  5. I just read an article regarding whitening products for undereye circles that I found interesting.....especially since I have really bad ones. The article basically said if you have very fair skin...the most likely cause of your undereye circle was like broken veins/capilaries/whatever...and that whitening/brighting cream wouldn't do a thing ... but that there was some type of surgical procedure that you could get (yikes!). If you didn't have fair skin...then it said that those creams would work for you..... Can't rememeber where I read the article.... but it had my wondering if I should keep paying $80 for my lighten and brighten eye cream....
  6. Hmm, tanning is now quite "out"...as seen by loads of celebs.. Even then-Queen of tan Victoria Beckham has ditched the St.Tropez, and gone with a much lighter tan... I would definitely recommend whitening products to all, and I have achieved a wonderful transluscent skin tone after using one whole bottle of Clarins Whitening Plus Serum, and I'm extremely happy with the results as well- terrific!
  7. There is a difference between lightening products and brightening products. Lightening ones usually contain a bleach of sorts like hydroquinone. Brightening agents just even out skin tone, but will not actually lighten the skin. I am not familiar with whitening products and don't know where they fall on the spectrum.

    While there is some debate about the safety of hydroquinone and it occasionally causes the opposite effect in dark skin (darkening), I have found it very useful in lightening sun spots (tiny freckles caused by sun exposure, not liver spots, though I understand it works for those, too!) and blemish marks.
  8. Bumping this thread!

    Clinique derma white didn't work for me at all.
    Is the Clarins range good for oily skins?
  9. Yup! Clarins' range is fantastic. Sometimes, we can't tell the difference in our own skin, espeically if it's like evening out the skin tone and stuff...my family and friends did notice it though. and ALWAYS WEAR SUN SCREEN! i still wear clarins uv plus spf40 now...even though it's fall!
  10. I've been using the Shiseido White Lucent line, it's really helped even out my skin tone. I especially like the Powder Foundation, it gives a natural finish but still manages to cover trouble spots. I second Vogue's rec. on Clarins UV Plus SPF 40, it's very light and non-greasy. I have to try the Clarins Brightening Serum next, keep the recs. coming!
  11. lol someone up there was right when they said asians are more into whtietning. When I went to visit Vietnam, their beauty products consist of all whitening products! It was a WHOLE aisle of it!
  12. here in the philippines, most of the celebrities use methatione/gluthathione (injectable or sft gel capsule form). haven't tried it though....
  13. Has anyone tried Clarins serum vs Shiseido lucent serum? Which one is better, as they are both kinda pricey. Thanks!
  14. I like the Clarins one as it makes my skin really soft and luminous. The Shiseido one is a little bit oilier, but makes it wonderfully luminous as well.